Monday, June 29, 2009

We've Been Hired by NICU

Due to a shortage in nurses and our familiarity with Sara, the NICU went ahead and put us on staff to take care of Sara. Yes the hours will be difficult, but somehow we will manage. And the extra money will help pay for the gas etc.. Here are a few pics of our first night taking care of her, just weighing her, bathing her, you know normal stuff.

Jennifer is weighing, she came in at 1771 grams, 3lbs 14oz!


The 2 new nurses hard at work

Hey mom, I like this!

Ok, ok we haven't been hired. We just had one of Sara's fantastic nurses let us really do some hands on taking care of her tonight. It's amazing how doing these little things make her feel so much more like she is yours. When other people are doing 99% of the taking care of her, it's almost like your coming to visit your child, but she's not yours yet. But when you leave the hospital with the smell of baby lotion on your hands that you just rubbed on your daughter's back - you know she is yours. And you wish you could slip in your backpack and take her home. Soon enough.

We did have a good laugh when she decided to do #2 during the bath. The bath wasn't in a tub, but wet rags rubbed over her in her aquarium. So here it comes. Thankfully it wasn't the volatile explosive kind, but more like toothpaste coming out of a tube. My amazing wife was able to quickly put a diaper on her while she was on her stomach. Maybe it's just because I'm a dad, but that takes talent! And while we finished her bath, she finished her... well, you know. And did she finish! Filled it up. I let mom go ahead and take that one.

Praying for another great week!


  1. Too funny! I'm so happy that y'all were able to really be hands-on parents tonight. I know Sara loved the feel of your hands on her.

    I really love Daddy funny to get the dad's point of view!! And so happy that Mommy is always there to do the wonderful things that just mommies can do!

    We are praying and praising!!

  2. I love the pictures! It sounds like it was a great night!