Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Dad's Blood to the Rescue

Sara got the first of probably two blood transfusions today. She had several her first week of life. It was strange seeing so much blood going into her, but it was good because she is so much bigger now than her first week. They are thinking after the second transfusion she should be doing so much better and we might go home with her Friday. Ha! I'm kidding, I wish my blood had that kind of power.

It will take a few days for us to see the effects and hopefully her heart rate will no longer drop. This is called Bradying (why I don't know but google probably does), and her heart rate will drop from 150ish down to 70ish. Most of the time she can get it back up on her own. Sometimes they have to stimulate her to remind her to breath. This is very common with preemies.

Jennifer didn't get to hold her this afternoon, but she was well enough to hop in the kangaroo pouch tonight. Besides that it was a regular day in NICU, day 29. God continues to help us, give us strength and stamina. He continues to fill our hearts and minds with hope and faith. We have even begun some work to get her room ready at the house. It won't be long now. Thanks for all your prayers and love!

Kicked back getting a little of Dad's blood. That's ok, he has plenty to spare

Reservoir tap today - getting much clearer - Yeah!!!


  1. It is called Bradying because Brady is short for Bradycardia which is a drop in heart rate. She most likely will go home on a monitor for this. Glad to see shes doing better!

  2. I had to read that first part 3 times...I thought she was really coming home Fri! She'll be home before you know it and then you & Jennifer will have to fight to hold her ;)

    Tammy Jensen