Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Update on Weight

As of yesterday Sara was at 1336 grams (2lbs 15oz). If you remember, her birth weight was 2lbs 14oz (or just under at 2lbs 13.85oz or 1300 grams). So that means she is above her birth weight and about 25 grams from 3lbs! She weighed 1251 grams as of Saturday night, so that is 85 grams in 3 days. Which means if she keeps up the pace, today she'll hit 3lbs!


  1. It's all that yummy Momma milk. ;-)

  2. She is an amazing girl with amazing parents and an AWESOME GOD!

    Tammy Jensen

  3. Awesome news! It sounds like Jennifer's milk is agreeing with her! Normal newborns are expected to have regained their birth weight by 2 weeks old, so Sara sounds like she is doing remarkably well!


  4. She's doing well ! Our son was 2# 8oz. He was 5# at 36 weeks ,which is when he went home. She's doing great on her oxygen,our lil guy didnt due as well weining from oxygen...he liked it alot-he went home on oxygen but was off on his due date:)