Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Point of Clarification

Hey everyone, I've had a few people ask me about this, so let me explain in more detail. I mentioned Sara may get to come home at 35 weeks. I am referring to when she reaches 35 weeks gestational age. She was born at 27 weeks (full term is 40), so that is 8 weeks later. This would be around July 20th. She will be 8 weeks old. Some have thought she would be in the hospital 35 weeks. Thanks for asking and hope this clears up any confusion.


  1. as a former NICU mom (times 3) i would just encourage you to not get set on 35 weeks...they told us the same thing with our daugther and well, she just couldn't figure out the whole bottle thing. so...she was there til 4 days before her due date.

    i dont say this to discourage you...i just know i got my heart set on 35/36 weeks and when that came and went and we were still in the NICU, it was really hard.

    she's doing amazing though -- so glad to hear it! hang in there!

  2. My Sara had the same problem with the bottle. She would not do it. Everytime she did her oxygen would drop too low. It kept us in a month after her due date.and the only reason she came home then was because we took the option to do a feeding button. Don't be afraid if they say this would be an option it really wasn't a bad surgery and not complicated to do. Once we got her home she only had to have her feeding through it once and then we had it taken out and never looked back since!
    So as the lady above said don't get set on that date but we won't say God can't make it happen!!! Still praying for you. John, Kasey and Sara Mikal