Thursday, June 25, 2009

One Month Old!!

Some of my nurses love to take my pics early in the morning when I am awake and email them to mom and dad - aren' t they great.

Some of my nurses are funny so I smile and laugh when they take my pic

Today she has made it one month! Just to highlight how remarkable, amazing, and awesome that is, consider this. When Jennifer's doctor was looking into getting her transferred from the hospital where she had Sara to our current hospital, she called over to check on how Sara was doing. The NICU pediatrician said - "The baby is in really bad shape, you need to get Mom over here right away" This doctor is known for his optimism - we never heard that from him. We just found out about that conversation and it gives us more reason to stand back and be amazed at the gracious hand of God. The Giver and Sustainer of Life has so filled Sara with life, vitality, health, and she continues to improve. And we continue to worship.

Sorry about the delay between posts, I have had some late nights this week. I wish I could say it was all because of Sara, we do visit late each night. Or I wish I could say it was some other noble ministry endeavor, staying up late writing sermons, studying etc.. Or I wish I could say it was stopping to change tires for people on the highway home each night. But I must confess, Fil (my Father in Law) and I have been staying up late watching LSU win another national championship in baseball. Geaux Tigers! But now they have it and we are back on track.

Sara's weight last night was the highest so far - 1654grams (3lbs 10oz). She has had some weight fluctuations, which is normal, but maybe now we can eat our way to 1814 (4lbs). She ended up only having one transfusion to get her hematocrit level above 40. She was at 28 and they want it at least above 40. She still may get more, but so far one was enough. She only had one episode of Bradying yesterday. In fact it was when Jennifer was kangarooing last night. (I know you all thought it would be me).

We saw the neurosurgeon yesterday and her pressure was good - so no tap. He is still very pleased with her progress. We also had our first session with an occupational therapist who is super nice. We got to watch her work on oral stimulation in preparation for bottle feeding - which we pray will go well and eventually be breast feeding. (That's a good prayer request). She showed us what to do and we can actually work her suction muscles ourselves when we visit. I think she said later this week, definitely next week they will begin trying a bottle! At one time we were told she may never be off a feeding tube, now we're trying bottles at 32 weeks. I don't even know what to say about that.

Her oxygen was down to 21% for the first time a few nights ago. It is a constant game of fluctuation. They turn it down, try her out, then turn it up a bit. But each day it is a little less O2 or a little less volume. She is hovering between 21-24% O2 and 3.0-3.5 liters per minute. Her body temp is also holding more steady. Last night she was staying at 36.6 degrees C, and the bed was only having to warm to 31 degree C to keep her there. The less the isolete had to work to keep her temp up - the better. It shows she is holding her temp steady. It's really kind of cool. They set where they want her temp and then the bed automatically reads her temp and slowly adjusts downward. When the bed gets down to 26-28 degree C we are close to moving to an open crib. What's so great about that? She can wear clothes! We can pick her up as often as we come. Even both sets of grandparents can hold her (and believe me - they can't wait).

What's in the bag? The picture above is our normal routine, which includes me carrying this backpack. Apparently there has been some discussion about the contents and reason for this daily ritual. So we were asked when we left yesterday - what's in the bag? You have to understand I married one super uber-prepared woman. Jennifer could be a logistics supervisor the army - they would never forget anything and always have what they need. If Jennifer and the girls went to the mall one day and World War 3 broke out, and she couldn't get home, they would be ok for 3-6 months off of what she packs. (ok, maybe that's ridiculous or redunkulous for Bolt fans). So when we go, we go prepared.

The other reason is out of necessity. Living 30 minutes from hospital, pumping every three hours, holding and kangarooing for about 2 hours each time - we just aren't going to the hospital without having to pump. In fact we schedule our visits if we can so we get there, pump and then hold and snuggle. So that means we have pumping accessories to bring (the hospital provides the pump you have your own attachments for obvious reasons). A insulated lunch bag with ice packs. We also carry the kangarooing shirt, camera, and a magazine or two to read for me. So that's it, that's whats in the bag. Nothing exciting, just necessary. Hope you all have a great Thursday! Oh yeah, Sara's friend in NICU is doing well - keep praying for her and her parents. And always please remember to pray for the doctors and nurses - they work so hard. And while I'm at it - remember the other babies and their families.

If only that nasal thing wasn't in the way I could go to town


  1. 21 percent is darn good right now and another step in the right direction. Great news! :)

  2. She is so precious! Her eyes in the first pictures are so clear and healthy looking. It's hard to imagine where she started. What a courageous little girl!
    I love these updates so I'm glad the baseball tournament is over :)
    Wishing you a wonderful day,