Sunday, June 14, 2009

An Explosion in NICU

Ok, ok don't freak out. It was an explosion from the posterior vector canal of Sara Rose. And according to her nurse tonight, it covered her aquarium. She was changing her diaper, had the next one ready to go and BOOM, SPLASH, UUGGHH. So out comes Sara, into the arms of a nurse, and clean, clean, clean, scrub, scrub scrub up the plastic box. Then she goes back in. Well, by the time we got there her temp had not gotten high enough for us to hold her. So, we will wait until Monday afternoon and get 2 good hours of snuggle time in.

But, we did get to do a cool thing - feed her. The nurse, who we had a great conversation with tonight, came in with her syringe of milk. (up to 26cc every three hours) Asked me to hold it to warm it up some more. And then came over to hook it up to the syringe and let us slowly squeeze the milk to Sara. Who could have imagined that? Me, the dad, gets to feed her first. Neither of our older girls ever took a bottle, so this is the first time I have fed them anything this young. Jennifer could have done it, but was worried about squirting the whole thing down her throat. So I gave her the 26cc's in about 23 minutes. And she loved it - her numbers stayed high the whole time.

Warming the milk a bit

Feeding, slowly but steadily

She also had her pic line taken out, so holding will be much easier. And we have a CAT scan scheduled for Tuesday. So we'll keep praying and waiting and watching for God to show up and do more great things in her life and through her life to others.

Aaahhh, less tubing. No pic line in left arm, and no arterial line in right hand.

Was reading through the Psalms this afternoon and came across one of my favorites - 67:1-2 "May God be gracious to us and bless us and make his face to shine upon us, that your way may be known on earth, your saving power among all nations." ESV May God do great things in our lives so His greatness is known through the nations! Enjoy


  1. That pic of her hand next to the pacifier speaks volumes...such a tiny miracle! So glad to read that she is doing well!

  2. She looks wonderful! So glad this weekend was a good one!