Thursday, June 18, 2009

Thursday Night

Sara's reservoir was tapped again today an it looks better. We have learn that her official condition concerning her head is called hydrocephalus. Here is a link you can get a little info about it - After talking to one of Sara's nurses, and doing some research we feel much better about the shunt. The neurosurgeon is convinced she will need it. But, you never know. He won't do it unless she definitely needs it done. So, that's why we pray. Pray that her body would not continue producing excess cerebral spinal fluid. Pray that the blood in that fluid would clear so it could circulate without impediment. Pray that there would be no building pressure in her brain. And maybe, just maybe she won't need the shunt, and we'll have another reason to fall down and worship our God. But even if she does, we still worship Him!

Sara is showing signs of reflexes also. Grasping with her fingers. In fact she loves to pull out the nasal cannula. You can grab both hands and she will attempt to pull head up. This is all good, even though it is too early for those to be full bore. She may need another blood transfusion to give her a little more strength. But the doc wants to wait to see if her body will just produce more blood. If she does get a blood transfusion it will be the blood that I donated several weeks ago.

Had a slight incident today. Jennifer got to hold her for quite a while this afternoon before she finally handed her off to me. (I'm not really upset, I love to let her hold Sara for as long as she wants). So I'm holding her and they start feeding her. Well the nurse heads out and all of a sudden Sara spits up (which we have never seen) and then I look down and her feeding tube has come out of her mouth. So I have dilemma. Do I send Jennifer for the nurse or so I try to get the tube down her esophagus and into her stomach? My choice - Jenn go get the nurse! (Are you crazy, do you think I would do that?) No big deal, we passed her off and the nurse fixed her up. Thankfully my holding time tonight was uneventful.

Here are some pics for you all, have a great night and great Friday!

Here I am for a few minutes without my nasal cannula. Just a little sneak peek for my future life in a few weeks!

Here I am wide awake just when mom and dad have to leave. Ah, kids...

I still have a right hand, I just can wave it fast enough to make it invisible

That's my mom's finger, I can really grasp it now

Aaahhh, the life of an infant, sleep, eat, sleep, poop, sleep, eat, sleep.....


  1. Dear precious family,
    You do not know me, and I usually do not post on the blogs I read, but I follow them with prayer and hope. I just wanted you to know that I have a dear friend who was born with hydrocephalus and has always had a shunt. She is married, mother to three children, and has a job outside of her home. She has had incidents over the years with shunts moving and replacements, but other than that, she is in her mid-40's. Thank you for sharing Sara Rose with us in blogland so we can watch, watch and look at what the Lord is doing in her young life, and in yours. Many blessings,
    Karen from South Carolina

  2. What an adorable little one. Praying for you all! In Christs Peace, Amanda

  3. Oh I think you have a spunky one on your hands!! I love it!
    She is so precious and you can see her little personality shining through.
    I hope today is an uneventful day for you all. That everything will go smoothly and Sara Rose will be comfortable. And that Mom and Dad get some good holding time!
    With love,
    Jamie Corona
    North Carolina

  4. She looks sooo good! I love reading your posts ,they bring me back to our days in the NICU,some good ,some bad...believe me alot of this you WILL forget(its only been 4 years for us) I read your stories and am like "oh yeah T had to have that done". I totally have forgotten.
    The blood transfusions are very rutine,most preemies need them-not to worry.
    I think preemies look alot a like-she reminds me so much of our little boy-lol
    still praying