Tuesday, June 30, 2009

32 weeks and 4 lbs!

She came in at 4lbs and 1 oz. Contrary to popular opinion, she doesn't have to weigh 5 lbs to come home, she only has to be eating well and gaining weight. But it is cool to hit these milestones.

Another good day with Sara. Good holding time, bathing time tonight, driving home with baby lotion lingering in the air time. I still can't get over what a difference it makes to actually bath your baby, touch her, rub lotion on her. It just builds connections that are very powerful between parent and child. And the fact she was wide-eyed and awake made it so much better.

She goes for her 4th CAT scan tomm. If you remember her 1st was horrible, second was better and her third was even more improved. We expect more improvement with tomorrow's scan. How much? Only the Lord knows, and that's why I am glad He is in charge of that department. She is supposed to be tapped after the scan.

Thanks for praying for Sara's little friend in NICU, it looks like she is supposed to go home soon. She is doing very well.

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