Saturday, June 27, 2009

It's a Milkshake Night!

That means it's been a really good day and so we celebrate with a milkshake on the way home. Only Sonic is still open (well McD's is, but their shake machines are always conveniently down 20 minutes before closing, hmmm). Caramel for me, chocolate for Jenny. Man were they good. And this day was good also.

Sara has had an occupational therapist working with her on sucking and she has showed us what to do. Tonight we did our own little session with her. (Sorry no pics, I forgot the camera) It basically consists of using your pinkie to try and stimulate her to suck on it. The cool thing is, the OT suggested we get some of Jenny's breast milk and dip our pinkie in it and then stimulate. So Jennifer did it tonight, and it was officially the first time her milk has been in her mouth. Up to now it has all been straight down a tub into the tummy. This was her first taste. You might not know what this does for a mom, but it does wonders! Very cool thing, and it was a great experience for Jennifer.

Her oxygen levels have also continually dropped. Tonight she was doing really good at 21% O2 (same as room air) and 4.0 liters per minute. It wouldn't surprise me to see her off the O2 by next week at this rate. She only had two drops in heart rate and SpO2 (oxygenation of the blood) today. That seems to be her routine lately. We are praying as the neuropathways in her brain continue to develop she will grow out of that.

Jennifer also had the cool experience of holding Sara tonight and having her cry. I guess you would have to have had a really sick child to be happy when they cry in your arms, but we were. For no apparent reason, Jennifer was kangarooing and Sara just kind of cried like a normal baby will do. It was so strange yet so familiar to us. Jennifer felt really good being able to soothe her and she calmed down. Just another reason to get a shake!

Sara also had her eye exam today and it was also good news - no ROP. That is retinopathy of prematurity. There has been no damage to her blood vessels in her eyes due to O2 exposure. These babies are given so much oxygen and too much can actually damage your eyes. But Sara is good to go.

So now you know why we got the shakes. Just a great day of good news. Yes we also celebrated in prayer, and in worship, but sometimes you just need a milkshake to drown your joy. God has been so gracious and good to us. We don't know why us, but we thank Him, praise Him, and walk with Him. It's nice to have some company on this walk - thank you all again for your prayers. Go have a milkshake Saturday for Sara!

Now that looks comfortable!

Sign 379 you live with too many girls: You cut your finger slicing onions to grill for a burger. You need a band-aid. All there is in the house is Barbie band-aids. AAAGGGHHH Well it's better than the Hello Kitty Band-aids!


  1. More great news about Sara! YEAH!!! Hope y'all enjoyed those shakes!

  2. bet those shakes tasted really good after such a good "Sara" day.May the road ahead become easier and better for both of you an especially for sweet baby Sara.Hugs and lots of prayers from Florida.

  3. How wonderful! The blessings are pouring down from heaven.

  4. Wonderful news about Sara! Steve feels your pain about being the only guy in the house...he has become the master at painting fingernails and toenails!


  5. We had our shake for Sara's sake today.

    We continue to praise God for the good reports.

    Kayla Miller