Monday, June 8, 2009

2 Week Old Present

Jennifer and Sara, first kangaroo hold. The nurse this morning asked if we would like to. Are you kidding? The neurosurgeon gave the ok and we did. She said we could do this up to 2 hours. And she is checking to see how often we can do this - every day, every other day, every week. We did not expect to be able to do this until next week, so this was a huge surprise.

Sara did great, her numbers stayed high, she stayed warm and after a few minutes slept the entire hour.

Abigail (left) and her friend Anna at the VBS roundup last night. Our two girls, with the help of Jennifer's parents, other family, and friends have been doing great during this difficult time.

Emma Grace (right) with one of her friends (Maddie Grace)

Sara - one day old. We've come a long way baby! Keep it up and thank you Lord!!


  1. She looks great! And what a wonderful way to start the week! Continuing to pray for Sara!

  2. YAY!! Such sweet pictures. I love the one of Sara Rose in Kangaroo care...I think I see a little tongue in that shot! And those eyes look so clear and strong. She's a spunky girl! :)
    Enjoy those precious moments of holding your little girl.
    My prayers are continuous.
    Love Jamie

  3. Such great pictures! Thank you for sharing! Abigail and Emma Grace look so happy! I hope y'all are able to do the kangaroo hold a lot!


  4. Awwww, Kangaroo care was my favorite. I took in my warmest fluffiest robe and would wrap it around us.

  5. I'm so excited! Abigail and Emma Grace look so happy too. Pictures truly are worth a thousand words!


  6. Kangaroo care is absolutely the best! I cherished those times with my son. I'm sure sweet Sara loved it as well.

    Praying still...

  7. Kangaroo time is so precious. I held our little girl Annalise (32wks)like this every day for 2 hours. It was so wonderful for my mothers heart but also studies show that babies do much better with this care. I would sing to her and read to her. My husband also did kangaroo time with her.( at a later stage)
    In New Zealand we are encouraged to breast feed. Kangaroo time help this progression.
    God bless you. Still praying.

  8. she is so cute.our prayers are with sara rose and her family. god bless.