Sunday, June 7, 2009

Continued Improvement

Sara continues to have good days. Up to 1.5cc per hr, and will be increased to 2.0 this afternoon. Her oxygen is down to 4.0 lpm and 30% O2. Again, trying to get down to 1.0 lpm and 21%.

The dr was discussing this next week, ultrasounds, CAT scans and eventually an MRI. He mentioned the neurologist, the fact that he doesn't come to meet the parents unless we ask for him. But then he said, you will meet more with him after you go home. I asked - "So it looks like we will be taking Sara home?" He said - Yes. She is doing good and unless she changes for the worse drastically, we should be looking to go home after 35 weeks. Can you believe that? In a matter of days we go from talking about comfort care and DNR's to going home. Is God amazing or what!

We do want to get excited, begin planning her room and talk about her coming home, but there is a tinge of doubt in the back of your mind. You know the fear of getting your hopes dashed. But we have decided if we believe the dr's when they give bad news, then we should just as much believe them for good news. Better, we should believe in God. We prayed this past week that God would take this decision out of our hands and let us know what He desired. With the positive CAT scan Thursday and her successful surgery it seems as if God is speaking loudly - I want Sara Rose to live! So we praise Him and walk in that.

Had a good day at church. It is hard not to preach out of this situation when it so consumes your mind and thoughts. I pray God would take His word, through our situation and do a work in the lives of our church. The kids get to go to VBS this week and they are psyched. Jennifer goes for her 2 week check up tomm, her incision is looking much better. Well, gotta get the kids in the bed and then off for our nightly visit. It is so nice to look forward to going to see Sara, rather than dreading what news you will hear next. What a good couple of days. Here are some things you can pray about:
1. Pray she will be able to take a bottle, we are weeks away, but we are just praying for God to take care of this
2. Pray for CAT scans and ultrasounds this week to amaze the drs.
3. Pray for Sara to get to breathing on her own
4. Pray for her to move from continuous feeding to regular feeding times.

Thank you all, this blog thing was started to keep family and friends updated without feeling the tension of calling. I am continually amazed at the number of people and locations who are praying fervently for Sara. Keep it up, you're awesome!


  1. Jarrod and Jennifer,

    We are still praying for your family. We are THRILLED at the good reports that the doctors have been giving Sara Rose. We are praying now for the things on your prayer list...

    Rejoicing with you that you, Jennifer and Sara Rose are having some good days! :o)

    Chad and Leslie Moore, Gus, Kate and Claire
    Tyler, TX

  2. That's fantastic news. I'm so glad to hear that the road has been smooth these last few days! Thanks so much for reading Katie's story...I love that she provides hope. Something very good out of a very bad and scary time.

    I'm praying for Sara daily. :)

  3. Just a prayer and hugs from Oklahoma. Your precious Sara Rose is such a gift from God. My 4 grandchildren call me "Nannie" and I love them so much. I pray daily for them and for Sara Rose. Hugs and Prayers from Oklahoma, Nannie Winn

  4. I am so glad to hear things continue to improve for Sara! God is so good! Thanks for continuing to update us. We will pray that all of the tests go well this week and that Sara's breathing continues to improve.


  5. God is so good!
    We pray for a miracle, we should expect a miracle!
    I'm so excited for the good news. We will continue to pray for miracles.

  6. Jarrod & Jennifer, I pray that your (Jennifer's) getting to hold sweet Sara Rose was just a foretaste of the many times you'll get to hold, rock, and love on that precious princess after you get home with her! We're still praying!!!

    Love in Christ,
    Lydia for the 5 Headricks

  7. So glad to hear the encouraging words. God is a miracle worker. Praying for Sara Rose and Mommy and Daddy.

  8. These wonderful days you're having is just another example of how we should never count God out of the equation. Through Him, ALL things are surely possible. Still praying every night for your family and especially precious Sara Rose. My small group keeps calling and asking for updates, glad this is a great one to give them.
    Jennifer Aaron Childs (MS)

  9. Wonderful news!!! I'm amazed by every post!! God is definitely sending a very clear message to us all: That all things are possible through Him.
    How wonderful to be able to look forward to Sara Rose's room, her first trip home, her first regular feeding....all the way up to her first words and first steps.
    I love this blog and the way it is being used to spread Sara Rose's story. Of her courage and strength. Of her parents hope and love. And our mighty Father's grace and healing hands.
    With love from North Carolina,
    Jamie Corona

  10. I can't tell you how big my smile was when I read this entry just now. God is so, so , so good to us! Still in our prayers for as long as it takes!