Thursday, June 4, 2009

It's nice to breathe for a day

As I mentioned earlier, we were greeted with the words - "It looks better" from the Neurosurgeon this morning before the scheduled surgery. He had to run to an emergency and only had a moment to show us the new CAT scan. The NICU pediatrician who has been with Sara from her first breath explained in more detail. A lot is still up in the air. How much damage will the blood in the brain tissue leave behind? How much damage was there from the stroke or infarction (I think that is the right word, Jennifer keeps telling me I have it wrong)? A lot remains to be seen over the next weeks and months, but today was a good day.

The reservoir was put in successfully. It was done by local anesthesia only, which is rare. Don't know why he chose to do that. One of Sara's primary nurses said she was at least expecting some of Sara's vitals to drop - but she was steady as she goes. Not even a glitch in blood pressure. In fact she remarked that the only time she cried was when part of her hair was shaved off. Now tell me this isn't a girl? She'll fit in just right in our home.

In fact this nurse, who we love, was so encouraging today. She said Sara has looked so good that she has never given up on her. She said so far Sara has not gone according to typical expectations from the charts. She is plotting her own course. And do I need to tell you who is at the helm?

This is a good day. After several very difficult and dark days, today God has shown favor to us. I prayed God would show up today and give hope to a mom who needed a reason to hope. How good is He?

Are we in the clear? By no means. We know from reading the journey of some of you this is a day by day walk. If we don't learn anything else from, we will learn how to walk with Jesus day by day. In reality, that is how we all live, but in this situation it is driven into the depths of your soul. We will praise Him and celebrate today's good news. We will go to sleep with a smile and song. And then wake up tomorrow to face it's unique challenges and realities.

I tried to read some of your comments to Jennifer today while she was pumping in the NICU. I could hardly get them out, so I stopped and let her read them later. I fixed the blog so anyone could comment, I didn't know some of you were being restricted. Also some have said they have trouble pulling it up. I don't know what to tell you - keep trying. Some of you have tried to text me, but I can't receive or send right now. My phone is on the blitz and an engineer from my cell phone company is supposed to be working on it. I think I have worn it out.

My friends, until tomorrow, we love you all and thanks for walking with us.


  1. Still praying for Sara's strength and your family's comfort...God Bless!

  2. My prayers are with your family!! I have been following the blog continuously to know how to pray. I prayed for Jennifer with many tears today and baby Sara. I am rejoicing with you for a hope filled day.
    A fellow homeschooler and Sister in Christ. Mandy Scriber

  3. Hi! My name is Julie Brown and i live in Crossroads---right sown the road from yall. I met Julie Brown hayes last Friday at the Sterlington park and she I started talking and she found out that I am a nurse at Glenwood, in the newborn nursery! I pray for your baby, your wife, your older girls, and you. I can not get yall off my mind. I pray that tomorrow will be a good day, as well.

  4. Jarrod - infarction is correct. Thank you so much for the detailed updates. It does help us to know how to pray.

    Wesley says to tell Mrs. Jennifer "I love you and I want to give you a hug!"


  5. I have been cheking your blog since I found out about Sara. I have 3 kids myself, one girl - 11 years and 2 boys - 7 years and 18 months. My heart just aches for you and your family. And your little Sara's strength is amazing! She is truly a beautiful gift to this world. My thoughts and prayers are with you and your family.

  6. I found your site through another. I have 2 girls...8 and 5 and am 18 weeks pregnant with another baby girl. (my 5 year old is Emma Grace and Sara shares a birthday with my 8 year old Faith). Your story really touched me. Your Sara is beautiful. I know God is holding her in his mighty hand and will continue to work miracles. Praying for God to continue to shine on you!

  7. Your family continues to be in my thoughts and prayers.

  8. So glad to hear some good news! I think of your family frequently throughout the day and throw up a prayer each time I do. I can't imagine what your sweet wife must be feeling. Us mothers have a really hard time when we see our babies hurting and I can't imagine watching one of my own babies go through this. Tell her there are mothers all over praying for her peace of mind. Don't let her forget to take care of herself too...

  9. Just wanted to let you know that I'm praying for Sara Rose and for your entire family! As a medical professional and a Christian, there are many times that my medical knowledge of a situation and my knowledge of God's abilities do disagree on what the outcome will be. I see "God things" happen all of the time when medically, they shouldn't! Sometimes there's no other explanation that God is the Ultimate Physician--Praying for you!
    Erika Hendricks Spencer

  10. The Patrick family is keeping Sara Rose in our prayers. <3

  11. Praise Jesus! We will keep praying and the Lord will get all the Glory!

  12. Just found your blog today...praying for you and your family.

    1. God does not make mistakes.
    2. He knows what He's doing.
    3. He controls it all.
    4. He loves you.

    Words that are easy to type, sometimes very hard to live. We are crying out to the Lord for you.

  13. Jarrod and Jennifer,

    We laughed out loud when we read that Sara Rose cried only when her hair was being shaved! That sounds exactly like my Katherine Jane in NICU when she underwent a head ultrasound, which is a very non-invasive procedure. She screamed at the top of her lungs ONLY when the technician put the gel in her hair and then mussed her hair using the ultrasound probe! Do anything ya want, folks, but DO NOT put GEL in my preemie hair! :o) It sounds like Katherine Jane and Sara Rose could be great, very girly, friends. :o)

    God is so good to bless us with these little moments that remind us that He has not forgotten...He is still at work...He is still in the details...He loves us.

    Praying SO hard for your sweet family...

    So glad that today was better...

    Chad and Leslie Moore, (Gus, Kate and Claire, born at 29 weeks)
    Tyler, TX

  14. Jarrod and Jennifer,
    All of Calvary Baptist is praying for Sara.Although we are seperated by many miles I hope you can feel that we are walking with you in our hearts. I (Don) was born at 28 weeks in 1964 in a country clinic and God pulled me through. Medicine has come a long way but the best news is Jehova Rapha (The God who heals) is still on the throne! We love you all.

  15. A friend sent me your site and asked me to pray for your precious Sara Rose. Almost 14 years ago, we were in your shoes. The situation was different, of course. Our daughter Alexandra was born full term with a very rare heart defect. The doctors gave her a "slim to no chance of surviving". They said that "if she survived, she'd be a vegetable" and other comments such as that. But I knew beyond a shadow of a doubt that we served a very big God and it was to Him that we begged and prayed and cried. Our prayers along with so, so many others around the world (I later found out) were beseeching this creator of hers to heal her. Fast forward through many difficult times (Capital D) and Alex is still defying the odds. I don't need to share our story at this time, I can only say that God is good. Your faith and love in this Lord of ours is touching. We just returned from Boston for open-heart surgery. The Lord revealed Himself again in ways that were awe-inspiring and faith encouraging. It is from the depths of having been there (as recently as a month ago)that I pray for your precious child. If a mother's tears could heal indeed...Lynn

  16. What a sweet precious baby your Sara Rose is. All babies are born perfect, some are just sick. I am praying for Sara Rose and that God will help you all to heal, and have strength through the coming days. Hugs from Oklahoma, Nannie Winn