Friday, June 5, 2009

A Quiet Day for Sara

Well today was uneventful, which was a nice reprieve from this entire week. Sara was sleeping at both of our visits, and also the two grandparent visits. While she slept she moved, stretched, and smiled those cute infant sleeping smiles (which my dad and mother-in-law swear were directed at them). Most of our excitement came from Jenn's brother and his wife and son coming to stay with us for a few days to be supportive and helpful. It is good to see them and have them care so much. We also continue to get delicious meals from our church family, encouraging phone calls, emails, and other gifts that overwhelm us. If eating too much and gaining weight helped heal a daughter, I would be doing my part.

Sara looks great from all signs today. The neurosurgeon was pleased with her progress. She will have the bandage on her head for a week. She has had no seizures or other complications from the reservoir. She seems much more peaceful, and this could be due to the swelling in the brain lessening. (is that a word?)

Tonight we got a surprise, she was ingesting her first servings of breast milk. Right now 0.5 cc/hour. To the layman that would be 1/10th of a teaspoon per hour. This is really more to prepare the belly and see how it responds. It will be increased tomorrow if she responds well.

The dr also took the line out of the belly button that measured blood pressure etc.. He wants to put in a line in the artery of her arm or leg which would allow them to draw blood to measure blood gases without having to poke her over and over. He has been tentative because of the risks involved (which are low), and because she is so stable, she may not need many more pricks and sticks. But, as we left tonight he was about to try, but not belabour the point. (ok, terrible pun)

It felt like a normal day, or at least as normal as possible with your daughter in NICU. Good day of enjoying family, friends, and neighbors. She is doing so well right now, we are antsy to want to hold her and change diapers (yes I typed that), feed her, and be more involved. But for now, we will take sitting before the aquarium and talking to her through holes. Thank you all for caring and praying - you're the best!

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  1. What wonderful news! So glad to hear about a 'normal' day. Lots of love and prayers from Minden for all of you -