Monday, June 1, 2009

New Home


  1. Came across you via Kelly's Korner.
    My husband and I had twins born at 28 weeks. They are getting ready to celebrate their 2nd birthday in a few weeks. My heart goes out to you and your family. We will keep you in our prayers.

    My blog from when they were born:

  2. Ah the all to familiar take out box! Thats what we called it! Just know that she is in the BEST place ever!!!! We were there 4 months until our ins co kicked us out. Evan has since graduated the NICU and is now in the PICU for a few days since surgery was yest. We will be back in the child hosp then home for the 1st time! We have been keeping in touch almost daily with our NICU nurses, they are so amazing and you will miss them once you are out. Do me a favor!!!! ASK FOR A PRIMARY NURSE FOR HER IN THE DAY AND NIHT SHIFT!!! We didn't know we had this option till someone asked 2 months down the road, who are his primary nurses?? huh! we are so glad we found out and still to this day keep in touch with them. Read our blog to meet them , they came to visit us the other day. Once she holds her temp, the box will stay open and you will feel closer. Ask when you can kangaroo hold too! We had to wait 1 month.