Saturday, June 13, 2009

Saturday Evening

Sara has continually progressed through Friday and Saturday. She is off of the continuous feeding, and now is given about 22cc's at one time every three hours. More of a normal infant eating routine. He oxygen weening is up and down, but as of now no one is worried about it. In fact, she may go to another machine which is a step down and closer to breathing on her own.

The neurosurgeon should see her Sunday and he may tap the reservoir, pray that the fluid would clear up. I'll check her weight tonight and see how she is coming along. The line that was in the artery in her arm has been taken out. It wasn't working well, and they didn't need it as much. They may leave it out for good. There is also a chance her pic line will be taken out soon. So when we do get to hold her - a lot less wires and tubing. We will be down to feeding tube, oxygen, and leads which measure heart rate and respiration. Awesome!

Thanks again for caring and praying. Continue to lift up the other babies and families in NICU.

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