Friday, June 5, 2009

Friday Night

Orange Syringe = breast milk = yummy yummy to my tummy!!

Sleepin and Chillin


  1. Sweet baby girl...keep fighting!

  2. I just love the 'chilled out' pose! It's as if she is relaxing and enjoying the beautiful sunshine that we are having outside! I have to wonder if she wiggles herself into these poses or if the staff moves her around! hmmm??

    Glad to see she is getting the yum-yums! I know that will make Jennifer feel much better!

    We'll continue praying for your precious little angel!
    Shelly :)

  3. I love the pictures! It is great that she's getting breastmilk now. I hope it is sitting well on her stomach. Great news that Sara will have fewer pokes! God is good to have it go in in one try! We're continuing to pray!


  4. such a beautiful little girl!! Mom must be so excited that all her hard work pumping is finally gettihg to be used! Praying for mom's heart tonight and for anothor small blessing from God tomorrow!

    Dena Payn