Monday, June 1, 2009

One week old!! New home and new valley

Sara got to move into the aquarium last night, as you'll see in the pics. I don't know why, but she seems closer and more accessible in a plastic box than in the open table she had been on. You can open the doors and rest your hand on her, and we stayed almost an hour without realizing the time. She slept well most of the time we were there, but he heard a few girggles, coos, and grunts.

Everything is going well with heart, lungs, and kidneys. Still waiting on the tummy to clear so she can get some of the goodies her mom has been working on. We have officially filled our freezer section at the hospital, so now we work on our freezer. Thank goodness we have plenty of space. If we fill ours up we may treat NICU to a buffet one night.

The biggest obstacle to Sara is they discovered blood on the brain. Her first test was negative around her 2-3rd day, but this was positive. Sounds horrible and it is serious, but thankfully God has made the brains of little babies resilient. If it were an adult it would be a big problem. One side is a grade 3 bleed, the other is a grade 4 (grade 4 is worst) and in the tissue which is more serious.

The doc says there is no way to know where this is going to go right now. It is a wait and see situation. They will watch her head and make sure it isn't collecting blood and swelling. If so, they must drain. They will watch for seizures - so far so good. They would like to do a CAT scan, but it is too much to take her downstairs right now. The CAT scan is more accurate than the ultrasound when it comes to diagnosing severity and location.

The doc says bleeding on the brain is different for every baby. The nurse practitioner says that some babies have grade 4 and are ok, some have grade 1 and aren't. So who knows but God where this will go and we trust Him wholeheartedly!! We have been so surrounded and upheld by your prayers, please continue to intercede for Sara. Pray this blood would be absorbed into the brain with no further complications. The doc and nurse practitioner said other effects of this may not show until much later down the road.

We have been told by many to expect these setbacks. It just amazes me how quickly you move your prayers from one issue to another. Last night it was meningitis, and tonight that seems so distant and insignificant. What a journey this is going to be.

Gotta hit the sack, got to leave by 7 to take our oldest to horse lessons. Looking forward to spending some Daddy daughter time with those two while mom sleeps in and rests. We almost had a scare today with her. She has an infection around her incision and at her doctor today the nurse practitioner was examining before the dr arrived and said she may admit Jennifer to put her on a antibiotic IV. Well, that was not what she wanted to hear. But the dr checked it out and it has to drain and run it's course, but she isn't worried. Will get the culture back Wed. Pray it clears up soon for Jennifer. In fact, the dr showed me how to press around the incision and squirt the fluid out of a hole in the incision. Anyone Queasy? I am not a Discovery Medical Channel person, but I did it tonight, didn't pass out, and got a little bit out. Have a good night!

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  1. Thanks for the update! We're praying the blood is absorbed. Praying that Jennifer's infection clears up with no problems.