Thursday, June 4, 2009

It looks better

Those were the words of the neurosurgeon based on todays CAT scan. Surgery for reservoir had to be put off till 1:30. Bleeding on brain is better confined. Brain definition is better. There is still damage. It looks like the Lord is not done speaking on this matter. Your prayers and comments have been incredible, keep them coming. Someone prayed that God would smile on us today, I hope you can see it as brightly as we can. We will walk in this today and let tomm take care of itself (Mt 6:34) more later...


  1. Praying right now that things continue to look better with Sara. We are praying for you, Jennifer and the girls. We love y'all!

    Jessie & Annalee

  2. We will pray for God's continued healing for sweet Sara Rose!

  3. Dear Jarrod and Jennifer,
    I am praying for you right now. Sara is a precious gift from God, just like all children. She is loved and special and wonderful. In terms of the world (and the NICU), things don't look hopeful, but it really is all in God's hands, like you said. At the risk of sounding new age-y, I'm praying that God will send His Spirit to comfort your family, and angels to fill the hope-void in the NICU that you mentioned.
    Oh by the way, you don't know me, but I'm married to Sean Smith, who went to school with you or your siblings in West Monroe. We have a 9 month old that has been through heart surgery and pneumonia twice, which sounds like nothing comparitively, but we know how God's grace gets you through. Sean and I are praying for y'all and following your blog.

  4. Jennifer,

    I love you and am praying for you all. My family is praying too.

    Love you, Laurie Lipari

  5. So nice to read "looks better" on your post today. That's about all you can ask for right now. With lots of small steps in the right direction and lots of prayer Sara can heal.

    Yes, when the brain is still bleeding or has blood pooled, it's impossible to determine the extent of permanent damage. We didn't realize that at the time (when Katie was very ill), but learned a lot more about the brain afterwards. (I'm a information junkie) I'm praying that when it all settles down, Sara's brain will look a whole lot better. I realize that there is still damage, but she can work around a lot of that.

    It's about 4:00pm EST and I'm praying that her surgery is going well if they ended up doing it today.

  6. Dear Jarrod, Jennifer, and girls,
    We lift you in prayer many times daily and when Sara Rose' condition fails our understanding we depend on Hebrews 8:26-28. We love you.
    Your friends at Fellowship

  7. my prayers are with you! may you be overwhelmed by the presence of the Almighty and may He grant you peace and rest as you entrust your sweet daughter's life in His hands.

  8. Jarrod & Jennifer,

    The Headrick Family hasn't stopped praying for you....especially for Sara Rose! If heartfelt prayers and hopes could be conveyed over the wires of a computer, you would feel our loving arms embracing you and hear our voices lifting you up to the Heavenly Father.

    Charles, Lydia, Connor, Cole, and Anna Claire Headrick