Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Tuesday Afternoon

Got more good news today, Jennifer and I get to kangaroo every day for about 2 hours as long as Sara does good. She did very good today, and tomorrow I get a turn. Oxygen is down to 25% and she's up to 5cc (1 tsp) per hour and doing great with breast milk. In fact, they have used up our stash at the NICU and want us to bring more tonight. So I got to rotate the supply when we got home to keep the fresh goodies up front. I feel like I'm back working in a grocery story stocking milk.

This is also the last day for antibiotics, which is great. The strep infection Sara and Jennifer shared at birth is gone on both of them. Gosh, that was such a big deal that now seems so distant. By the way Jennifer had a great checkup at her doc yesterday, she'll go back in 2 weeks just to make sure. She was even given the ok to drive. So her and the girls took off this morning for one of their favorite hangouts - the library. I think their second favorite hangout is coming tomm- a store.

The neurosurgeon did another tap on the reservoir today, the fluid is still bloody, but better. It can take up to 10-15 days to clear up. I have a picture of the tube of bloody fluid, but Jennifer said it was too morbid. Just imagine a vial of Black Cherry kool-aid. When it clears it won't be so morbid and I'll post some comparison pics.

We talked on the way home about last Tuesday when we first received the bad news and how different that was from today. There is more I will share about those days later, it's still too fresh. But Jennifer and I are so filled with hope and optimism right now believing God is working and moving in this situation. Thanks for praying and being such a part of the hand of God in Sara's life.


  1. 25 percent is wonderful...sounds like she's making serious progress. Thank you Lord for sweet miracles!

  2. I so happy for all of you! Go Sara Go!

  3. Oh, Kangaroo Care!!! Kangaroo Care is the best thing EVER!! There is nothing more precious than being skin-to-skin with your baby, while relaxing in a recliner under warm blankets...ahhhh. Jennifer will feel like she has been at the spa, and so will Sara Rose. :o) Mom and baby together...PURE BLISS...just as God intended it to be. Oh, and Dads LOVE Kangaroo time, too. My husband adored that time with our little ones. :o)

    Still praying for you daily...so thankful for the wonderful reports!

    Chad and Leslie Moore, Gus, Kate and Claire

  4. Great news! Todd and I had our son 4 weeks early and he had to be put on 100% Oxygen for a little over a week! It is really great she is down to 25%! Todd and I and all of our friends & family are praying for you!

    Todd, Shelley, Kaylee, & Reid Sullivant
    friends of William & Helia Coody

  5. I am so happy for you guys! God is so good! I am so blessed to see how He is caring for Sara Rose and listening to the prayers of so many. Praying for continued forward progress and lots of kangaroo time! Catherine Russell Asher