Saturday, June 6, 2009

Jennifer gets a treat!

We got there for the night time visit, and the nurse was working on changing her diaper, weighing her, and cleaning her up a bit. When it came time to change a sheet under Sara, Jennifer got to be the one to hold her for a second while the sheet was changed. This is the second time she has gotten to hold her, the first being under the saddest conditions. This was much better, and she loved it.

It was also the most awake she has been for us in a while. But after all the work done on her she was very tired and had sleepy eyes. It was another good day in NICU for Sara. She has done well with the breast milk, they have increased to 1cc each hour on the drip. Her head has not swelled any more. But they will draw some fluid from the reservoir Sunday. Here is a pic of that in case you were wondering. The neurosurgeon removed the bandage today and is very pleased with her progress.

Her oxygen levels are down to 30% and 4.5 liters per minute of stimulation. Again, we breath room air at 21% and she has to get down to 1.0 lpm to get taken off the oxygen stimulation altogether. There is also a chance she will receive another blood transfusion on Sunday. She lost blood in the womb from the abruption in the placenta, and from her surgery with the reservoir. It all depends on how the counts look tomm.

Overall, she is doing very good. It is still wait and see on how her brain develops. So far no new CAT scans or ultrasounds are scheduled. So we continue down the path of cautious optimism. Thanks for your continued prayers and encouragement.


  1. Praising God for a good day and that Jennifer got to hold her while she was awake.

  2. This was so good to read. The pictures and videos are so good to see. Thank you for sharing them! Sara is on our church's prayer list along with you, Jennifer and the girls.


  3. I am praying for your family. I praise God for his healing power! I mentioned Sara in prayer meeting last week and will have her added to the prayer list.
    Love, June