Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Tuesday Night

Another great day for Sara, although we were not sure for a little bit. She had her CAT scan this morning. We get a call around 11:45 that the neurosurgeon wanted to meet with us. Jennifer's parents have gone home for a couple of days and other family members have come to stay with the girls, and Aunt Jill wasn't going to arrive until 12:30ish. So Jill steps on it, we rush to get ready, make it there, but he had to leave. We meet with him Wed at 3pm.

Going through our minds was exactly two weeks ago today when we first met the neurosurgeon. They did her first CAT scan and we heard the horrible news of severe bleeding and infarctions. And if you have been keeping up with Sara's story you know the next CAT scan was better and she has done so well. So we hear that he wants to meet with us and in the back of our mind we think - uh oh - how could we bear any more bad news? How do you go back into that hole again and come out? But we also told each other - God hasn't brought us this far to leave us now and no matter what we hear - He is with us. And so we keep believing, hoping, and praying for good things.

We get to the hospital and pray together in the car after we park and then rush to the NICU. He is gone, but our nurse said he wanted to tell us good things. Her tap was much better. Clearer, he tapped less, and the fluid was thinner. All good news. And the CAT scan was better. Again, we don't know anything more than that - but I say that is enough to praise our good and gracious Father in Heaven! And we did, and we have been, and we also got a milkshake on the way home tonight to celebrate with Him! (Hard to find a milkshake at 11:15)

We got some good holding times in today. Tonight Jennifer was treated by our nurse to give Sara a bath. Just wiping her down with a wet cloth and soapy water - but it was very cool. We even got a picture of her non-existent gluteus maximus. Very funny, even though I'm not going to post it. We feel confident she will catch up - it's in the genes.

One happy mom!


"I think I like this.... I don't know"

Jennifer also got to put her first diaper on her, then hold her while I pumped in the breast milk. Her weight is up a bit more - 1613 grams. Continue to please pray, can't wait to share more good news tomm from the doc. God is good - all the time - so let's live for Him.

Changing diaper

No Dad, your not taking my picture again!


  1. Such wonderful news!!! I love your pictures! Jennifer, you look great! Praying and knowing God is taking care of everything! Carol

  2. I had to LOL a bit when I read about Sara's non-existent hiney. The first time I changed our Ally's diaper in the NICU, my husband's face was priceless. "She doesn't have any. . uh. . you know. . cheeks. . and. .uh. . is THAT supposed to look like that?" I guess he hadn't thought about the fact that she had no fat anywhere at all. Even her hiney. We were so excited the first time we changed her and realized that she had real butt-cheeks to help fill out that tiny little diaper! Sara will have cheeks before you know it. Oh. .it's the little things in the NICU that bring such joy. Hoping to hear wonderful things from the neurologist today! Sounds positive!
    ((HUGS)) from Ohio
    Ellen, Ally and family

  3. I just giggled and giggled about the hiney. I'm so glad that things are going well and am looking forward to even MORE good news!

    Love from Minnesota!!

  4. Too funny about her little booty!! So glad she is improving and getting bigger! Praise God! She is just a little doll! Just gorgeous!!

    Love from Arkansas!

  5. God is so good! I'm so glad she is improving! I love the pictures! Praying for great news from the doctor today!


  6. Praise the Lord! That is fantastic news! When we were in the NICU and the boys umbilical cord finally fell off, some of the nurses would give them 'bubble' baths by using the O2...I'm sad we missed that but I heard the boys loved it! Keep trucking on...she's getting really big!

  7. Fantastic!!! Such a nice post to read. I hope you're both able to catch your breath a bit and enjoy.

  8. That last picture is adorable! I'm glad to hear the good news and keep praying for it to continue!