Thursday, June 11, 2009

Mun gode maka Allah

We give thanks to you God. That's Nigerian from a dear friend who has spent time as a child and missionary in Nigeria. That's the expression of our hearts to Sara's continued improvement. In fact she is officially a level 2 baby. Level three is the worst cases and she has graduated to level 2! In the next day or two she will receive about 15-20cc's of breast milk every three hours. She still has some work to do on her oxygen, her numbers go back and forth. But on a graduated line, she is slowly being weened. We didn't get to stay long tonight, so I don't know about her weight.

About the kangaroo holding time - we have to wait for the sutures to come out of her head. This is typical procedure after a reservoir. Hopefully it will be in just a few days and we can resume kangarooing. Yes, it was disappointing to hear, but God will give us patience for the long haul. I think the child will be held long enough when she comes home to make up for it. It was also very encouraging to have some nurses and a doctor go to bat for us - to no avail. But that's ok, soon enough, this is not a hill to die on.

Tired, off to bed, have a great night - thanks always for caring, praying, and sharing with us.

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  1. That is awesome to hear ( the improvements that is) Sorry about the kangaroo time. I know that is precious to you and I am glad you got to atleast do it once a piece anyway. And I just love her little hat. It is so cute. Thanks for updating us.