Monday, June 22, 2009

Father's Day

Had a great Father's day, and hope you dads did also. Made to feel like a superhero by my wonderful girls. Got some new golf shoes from Jenny, a garden hose sprayer and candy bar from Abigail, windshield and mirror cloth from Emma Grace (they picked these out themselves from the dollar store), and some good holding time from Sara who was wide awake. Can you beat that! Well, I'm sure you could, but from where I'm sittin' you can't.

Me and Abigail headed out to a local par 3 course for 9 holes Saturday. Can you say hot! But fun

Sara continues to do well. There are some issues with her weight fluctuating, but we were told by her wonderful nurse tonight - don't sweat it. Everything else is doing so well the weight thing will come around. So we said - ok, we won't worry. That's easy enough, right? Jennifer is really enjoying the kangaroo times. We finally found a good shirt that kept her cool on the back, and opened easily in the front. One of my button up short sleeves. I may never wear it again, but it is worth the sacrifice for kangaroo time.

Webster's definition of contentment. Go ahead look it up

What a nice nurse to take our pic. And what a cool hat Sara has to go along with our cool smocks, we are one fly family!

She is up to 32cc's every three hours. Her oxygen still hovers at 4.0 liters per minutes, and between 23-27% O2. The nurses have orders to wean her, so they watch her numbers and adjust and see how she does. She'll get it.

Her reservoir was tapped today and it was considerably better. In fact, I'm including a picture to show you the significant change. Thanks for praying, God is so good to take care of this. Tomorrow we hit the 4 week mark. If we are able to bring her home at 35 weeks adjusted age (that means she will be at 35 weeks gestational age) then we will be half way home. If we can't bring her home them, then we are less than halfway home. Notice the key word there - home. She is coming home, and we can wait if we have to, but boy do we wish it was today. Either way, she'll be home before we know it! God is worthy to be praised, loved, followed, and adored!

Sorry for the fuzziness, the vial on the right is a tap of her reservoir about 1 week ago. The vial in the middle is the 16th, the one on the left is today. Wow! When it is all clear it will be about the color of vegetable oil.


  1. Sounds like she's doing so great! Glad you had a nice Father's Day. God bless.

    Kelli in Grand Bay, AL

  2. Great news!! I'm so glad that you had a nice Father's Day. And sooo glad to hear that Sara is doing so well. She really does love kangaroo'ing with Mommy!
    I hope today is uneventful and that Sara is comfortable and peaceful as she grows big and strong. We are counting the days until you can bring that baby girl home!
    With love,
    North Carolina

  3. What a wonderful Father's Day! So glad you guys are getting to do the Kangaroo holds again. That skin to skin contact can make all the difference in the world to everyone! Praying for your family.

    Jamie Wall