Thursday, October 29, 2009

Good Checkup and Answered Prayers

Sara had a good check up with her pediatrician today. She is now 10lbs and 8 oz. We don't have to worry about a eating schedule now, she can just eat when she wants, so no more waking her up out of deep sleep naps to feed her. She actually went 8 hours last night without eating. She wasn't sleeping the entire time, it started around 8, but we can see some serious sleep around the corner.

The Lord graciously answered our prayers about the sickness and poop. Jennifer and the other 2 girls were sick with a contagious viral infection - but by the hand of God and lots of purrell Sara only had a runny nose for about a day. No fever or sickness. And the poop issue resolved itself - back to normal. One doc visit next week and then none until after Thanksgiving.

Monday, October 26, 2009

Good News

Her poop is ok - nothing showed up in the culture. And it has returned to normal as far at looks (it has always smelled like poop). Why did it look so funny? Don't know, maybe we will find out at her appt. this Thursday.

Also, while Jennifer and Abigail caught Emma Grace's viral infection, Sara has not. Nor me. They had a pretty miserable snotty, coughy, tired, feverish, lay around the house and moan weekend while I was out of town, but they made it through by the grace and strength of God and many many prayers. Thanks!

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Geauxxxx Tigers!

A good week with Sara. She is settling in nicely. Sleep rather well the last few nights, only waking up once to eat. Yesss! Awake and happy during the day and enjoying life at home.

Couple of prayer requests - there is some kind of issue with her poop. It started a few days ago and our doctor asked for a sample to run a culture on today. So I had to make an unusual deliver of two dirty diapers to the doctor (or as Emma Grace likes to say from Bug's Life - a poo poo platter). We will know Monday. There is a possibility of hospital time, but with her acting normal in every way, we don't think so. I guess a preemie with a shunt there is always going to be the possibility of hospital time. Just pray.

Also Emma Grace has a viral infection (not the flu) we are doing everything we can to keep her and Sara and really the rest of us separated. We have almost begun wearing bottles of Purrell around. Pray for her to get well and no one else to get sick. As of late Thursday night - so far so good.

Also pray for Jennifer's family, her grandmother passed away this week. Unfortunately with Emma Grace's sickness, Sara's precautions, and me preaching the funeral sermon she won't be able to travel south to go. Just pray for her and her family and especially her grandpa - J.O. Thanks

Hey check out my sisters - aren't they great!

Alright, whose the wise guy? What are those bunny ears? Are you kidding, you better watch it sister, I'll drool on you!

This is what we like to do when it is naptime, turn on a bright light, let her sisters say loud things and roll the camera! Ahh, she's cute anyway.

Monday, October 19, 2009

Our First Week Back Home

It's been a very good first week back home. Sara has done great. As I told our church, she hasn't learned all the rules of the house yet.... i.e. we sleep at night - she likes to be WILD n CRAZY some night from around 10-2!! But it's not every night and it's not always too wild and crazy. Also, when we all get our plates fixed and sit down to eat a hot n delicious meal - that is not your cue to want to be held. Again, it doesn't happen often. And third, when dad is feeding you less than an hour before church starts that is not the time to squirt a poop out the back of your diaper onto his pants. Thankfully in the providence of God I had brown pants on of which I have two pair. Other than those minor infractions, it's been a good week, she's been great, very easy going, the girls have loved her, and we look forward to many many more weeks home.

The most difficult thing for us isn't colic, but the precautions we have to take. Not being able to get her out in crowds etc.. It's a new normal we have to get used to -whenever Jennifer has to take the girls somewhere - grocery shopping, shopping, homeschool Co-op, horse lessons, etc.. I have to be home - or I have to take them. Just those little logistical mundane things that make your life go round. But we are figuring it out, adjusting expectations, God is helping us work together.

Have a great week!!

Sara and her bath. She loves it and usually smiles and squeals, but of course when the camera is rolling they don't. We'll get it one day.

Bundled up for a few minutes in the nice fall weather Saturday.

Got some pastor appreciation love last night for our church family. I should say, pastor n family appreciation love. It was so kind and thoughtful. I so appreciate our faith family (Paron Baptist), they have been incredible over the last four months, helping, willing to help, being understanding of my time needed for my family, etc.. I love em' all. If you have a pastor (and I hope you do) let them know you appreciate them - it means alot.

Jennifer was holding Sara the other night and got this great video of her. I think she likes her mama.

Monday, October 12, 2009


No Words Necessary

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Monday Plans and Saturday Scare

Sara is still on track to come home tomm. It will be late afternoon. She is doing great and there shouldn't be any setbacks. But Saturday for about 2 hours, well...

I was with Abigail and Emma Grace at their cousin's, Gabriella, birthday party. Jennifer is at the hospital, we're keeping in touch by text, and I get a text that the doc was about to come, and then he was going to take the femoral line out of her leg. This is a type of IV line that goes into her femoral artery that was put in before the surgery. It is a heavy duty line that is actually sutured or sewn into her leg to hold it in place. The line runs up her artery almost to her heart.

Well, they were concerned about the line, possible infection etc.. so the doc was coming to take it out. Great, give her a regular IV till Monday for the rest of her antibiotics. Well, they had trouble finding a vein for the IV, got tired of sticking her and decided against it since she was about to go home and had enough antibiotics.

Then I get a text that they were calling the doc back, Sara's heart was doing something funny. Um, not good, that's not good. Look at the kids playing at the birthday party - how cute. Then words begin to be tossed around - possible blood clot from the femoral line. Oh, we're opening presents. The heart may be enlarged. It's time for cake. They're doing an ekg, looking at calling in the heart specialist. Oh, it's time to go get some pizza.

Jennifer calls me - it's ok, there's nothing wrong with her heart, it's the monitor. AAAAUUUUUGGGGHHHHHH - then - Thank You Jesus! I was beginning to think of changing my name to Job. Home tomorrow, thanks for praying, we'll keep you posted. Waiting for Jennifer to come home from visiting Sara, she's bringing a milkshake. I think Sara coming home tomm makes tonight a milkshake night. Even it is raining and 57 degrees.

Thursday, October 8, 2009

One more weekend

Sara is eating well, pooping well, and doing well through and through. If she continues this pace we will go home Monday.

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

The Chow Line is Open!

Sara was able to eat this evening and did very well. She was only given an ounce, but held it down and wanted more. If she continues to do well she will be back up to 3-4 oz's through the night. I think its time to put the car seat in the van!


Sara looked much better at noon. More like herself. The fluids in her stomach are indicating that everything is working fine. Later this afternoon they will try some food.

Minor Setback

Sara has an ileus in her intestines. Basically it is when part of the intestines don't work. It is something that can result from being sedated during surgery and part of her intestines have "fallen asleep". It usually resolves itself with a day or two and she might be able to eat later today. This is the same issue that caused her to get distended bowels and our little 5 day trip in the hospital back in August. Pray that it will resolve soon, she get can to eating, and on her way home.

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

More Post-Op details

Sara was resting when we left the hospital. She was in some pain from the breathing tube, the surgery, and the anesthetic. Her nurse said the anesthetics works great for surgery but can leave them a bit irritable. She will get some pedialyte through the day and be back on her normal diet tonight, slowly at first. She will be on antibiotics for about 5 days and then go home. The doc was really pleased with how she did and is optimistic about success. So are we! Pray she can rest today. Pray her pain would be eased. Pray she has no complications with eating. Thanks
Sara is out of surgery, off breathing machine already and ready to eat! She looks great, did great. Praise His Name!

Monday, October 5, 2009

And the peace that passes all understanding….

Is guarding our hearts and minds in Christ Jesus (Philippians 4:6-7). As we head into the shunt surgery tomm – that is where we are. We have prayed and asked God to heal Sara in such a way that she would not require a shunt. So far, He has said no. So, He will heal her and allow her by His grace to live a great life with a shunt. And we are totally at peace with that. Our faith is not shipwrecked because God said no to our request. It is not a lack of faith on our part or those who have prayed. God our Father in Heaven has decided that the best way we can show His glory and become like Christ is through living with a shunt. And we trust Him!

A well known pastor has said that the area of your greatest pain has the potential for your greatest ministry. Jennifer and I look forward to the day God can use us to minister to other families who live in the NICU for several months. And we have often said to each other – you know it would be harder to minister to them if our testimony was – “Well God healed Sara with a miracle and she doesn’t need a shunt, hope He does the same for you.” God hasn’t promised to heal everyone this side of heaven and now we have the opportunity to help those who face the same dilemmas we have faced.

Some good news today from the CAT Scan. There was a mass of fluid the doc was worried about that was accumulating in a spot on her brain that was causing some developmental problems he had noticed. Guess what? It's gone!! Praise God for that. He can even tell improvement as he checks her each day for that ability. Sara is so much fun to be with. She has these huge smiles and even squeals. Jennifer and I both got some huge ones today. Now if only we can get her home, roll her around and floor, let her sisters play with her, and smother her with kisses - it's gonna be great!!

Please continue to pray for Sara and us through the surgery and hopefully quick recovery before we head home. Pray that no infection will result from the new shunt or anything else that could happen down the road. Pray for a mom who struggles to deal with the heaviness of watching her baby go though her 5th surgery in the last 4 months. We know it is all going to be ok, but it is not the most enjoyable process. Pray for the docs and nurses, our second family. We will keep you all posted tomm, thanks again for checking in and lifting up.

Not to us, O Lord, not to us,

but to your name give glory,

for the sake of your steadfast love

and your faithfulness!

Psalm 115:1

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Got 6 minutes?

If you do check this out - Cardboard Testimonies - what would your sign say? (thanks Mrs. Maureen)