Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Sara in Spring

All continues to go well in the life of Sara Rose! We have had a greater winter and spring. Hardly any sicknesses for any of our girls, but especially Sara. It's hard to believe, but it's been over 13 months since she was in a hospital. God has been very gracious and good to us and we praise Him for that.

Sara recently had a check up with the neurosurgeon and he was very very pleased. Her head is a good size, she is a good size over all. She is developing well. Sara is about to begin speech therapy. She had between 1-2 dozen words, all one syllable. She has very good cognition - she knows what she wants and understands you. But she just can't put it into words. The therapist thinks if we hit it hard for the next year she can be caught up by three.

Sara is a very happy, smiling, laughing, squealing kid. She also has a little temper, which I am sure comes from her Cajun mother. It's really hard to put into words all the wonderful little things about her. But if you knew her, you would be amazed at how far she has come and how much fun she is. At church I call her a little politician. She walks around saying high to everyone sitting around a table eating. It's really funny.

The Neurosurgeon said she probably wouldn't need a shunt extension for 3-4 more years and that may last her another 20.

How can you continue to pray for Sara? Praise God for all the wonderful ways He has worked in her life and made her such a joy to know and raise. Pray for her speech therapy to be effective. Pray for her continued fine motor development.

Thanks for checking in - we are doing great!

This is the funny side of Sara, she will walk around doing this kind of stuff all the time.

Ooh, I've discovered water hoses and I like them!

A girl living in the country has to have overalls!

I don't even know what to say

We looooove being outside!

We love our new dog - Buddy. Our last one was hit by a car last October. Buddy is awesome with the kids, and even though still a puppy he has already learned to be very very careful around Sara. Well, he learned that is better than facing the wrath of a momma.

Big girl on a swing

Emma Grace and Sara

Sara has grown very attached to her blanket

Another one of Sara's favorite tricks - looking between her legs

Helping mom cook in pj's and a tutu - we think she learned to dress from Emma Grace.

Froggy boots and no pants - what a great day to play outside

Ready to go play in the snow. Got about an inch one day - not bad for La. She hated it when it was snowing, enjoyed it a ton the next day. We did find her face down a few times in the snow.

Look mom, a new hiding place

Helping mom cook - would you like stewed, fried, or boiled?

Leave this kid alone and it gets quiet and this is going to be what you find. She is a mess maker beyond compare!

Now what exactly is this thing I am sitting on?