Saturday, June 27, 2009

Saturday PM

Another good day with Sara. We walked in this afternoon as the neurosurgeon was tapping her reservoir. It continues to look better. He is still pleased. Jennifer and I were then able to hold her and do some oral stimulation. This was after she was suctioned really good and an obstruction was taken out of her O2 line. How would you like a saline solution squirted up your nose and then a vacuum cleaner to follow? That's basically what they do to clean her out good. She had a very busy two hours, so they went up on her O2 the rest of the day to help her recover.

One of her nurses today shared with us the fact she was also born a preemie and her parents faced some of the same obstacles we face. How cool is that? Now she is doing a great job taking care of Sara. This is the second nurse we have met born as a preemie and now working in NICU. Very neat. Have a great Sunday worshipping our King, Savior and Father!

Oh yeah, her weight was over 1700 grams last night!!


  1. It sounds like Sara is doing awesome! Praise God!


  2. I always look forward to your updates!!! Sounds like she is doing great! Sara and her wonderful family will continue to be in my prayers.