Saturday, December 25, 2010

Merry Christmas!

All is well with Sara Rose and her family. We have had a wonderful Christmas and past few months since our last update. As you can see in the pics, she is doing great and they only tell just part of the picture. She is growing up into quite a young little girl with a ton of personality. Her sisters are having loads of fun with her and she with them. She basically follows them around all day, and they like it. And when they don't, she will wander down the hall and find a bedroom door closing in her face. To which she usually replies with a grunt of frustration.


This is the look Sara began to give us around thanksgiving and has proceeded to give just about anyone and everyone who walks up and talks to her. She will sometimes hold it for several seconds and then bust out with a big smile. Or, she will just give you the look until she decides not too. She will also sometimes move through her routine of faces. She will give THE LOOK, then make her an O with her lips and face, then blow at you and has added sticking her tongue out. Very funny.

I tried to capture some of her personality and looks on a few short videos. You can find them here and here.

Developmentally, Sara is doing great. She is walking so well her therapy has moved from weekly to monthly. We are working more and more on fine motor skills and trunk strength. She is getting stronger and stronger each week. Her docs are happy with how she is growing, she is right about average in height and weight for an 18 month old. It takes about 2-3 years for a preemie to catch up, and she is right there already. She is communicating more and more, she has words and can say syllables for mom, dad, sissy, shoe, sock, paw paw (not maw maw which drives maw maw nuts), more (her favorite word), no (again - she is very clear when she doesn't want something), and more that I can't remember off the top of the head.

We are noticing her remembering things done days before more and more. Remembering how things are done, where things are. She is stacking blocks with help, but still loves to unstack them the most with a violent giggle.

What captivates us the most about Sara is her charming personality. She is just so lovable, sweet, and funny. She loves to interact with everyone. She walks around laughing and squealing everywhere. And seems to know she is funny and likes it. It's hard to sum up all she is doing in a few paragraphs, just know she is doing wonderful. Thanks for your continued interest and prayers. We are having a ball!

Playing in the leaves with big sisters.

A little tiara that stayed on her head for long enough to snap this, a few seconds later it was coming off.

Her sisters are supposed to be folding towels, it turned into a wrestling match. I'm not sure who is winning.

This started so simple, playing with Sara on my stomach that turned into a sister dogpile.