Monday, June 15, 2009

Happy 3 Weeks Old!

Another improving day in NICU for little Sara. She will be up to 30 cc's of breast milk at her 6am feeding. She continues to require less and less assistance with the oxygen. We got some good holding time in today with her. In fact, both her mom and I got to do some holding. She has a CAT scan scheduled for Tuesday and sometime in the next few days we'll hear the results. Pray for more good news.

As of tonight she is up to 1598 grams!! Can you believe it? In fact the nurse weighed her twice just to make sure it was right. That's 3 lbs 8 oz my friends! Her reservoir was not tapped today, maybe tomm. Pray for continued clearing.

Other than whatever developmental issues we may face due to Sara's bleeding and infarction, her biggest obstacle to coming home and doing well is learning to eat by bottle and/or breast. We are still a few weeks away before any attempts are made. But I wanted to let you all know so prayers can be offered up about that.

Here are some pics one of her nurses was kind enough to notice and take - Thanks! You are all the best!!


  1. Still praying for Sara Rose! Happy Three Weeks, precious girl!!!

  2. Such a sweet baby! I will be praying for good news on the CAT scan today.

  3. Just wanted you guys to know that you have not left my thoughts and prayers in the last three weeks! Love you and I will continue to join you all in praying for Sara.

  4. Reading your blog brings back so many memories of our daughter's NICU stay. Some good some not so good, but all bearable because God has blessed us beyond measure. Praying that God will continue to bless Sara's health and progress.

    God Bless,

  5. you and God continue to amaze us!!! Happy three weeks old sweet one! big O & su.