Tuesday, June 23, 2009

4 weeks old!!

Had a slight scare, or I should say concern Monday night. Scare is too strong a word. We came to kangaroo and was told we wouldn't be able to because Sara's heart rate had been dropping too often along with her SpO2 number (this measures oxygenation of the blood). The nurse's concern was she might be sick, starting to get sick, fighting some kind of infection, or it could be her blood count was low. The nurse had drawn some blood and sent it right to the lab to check. I had to go get Jennifer who was changing into her kangarooing shirt and let her know the inconvenient news. (News I did not want to deliver because Jennifer loooooves to kangaroo with her).

Well, mom was not very happy about the news, kind of like another punch in the gut, but we held out hope knowing that this was a normal thing for a preemie. How come even though you know it's normal, you know it can be corrected, it's still no fun to go through? The good news, within an hour we knew she was not sick, she was not starting to fight an infection, her blood count was low, and she needs another transfusion. The pediatrician was planning on checking her blood count Wednesday and was pretty sure she was going to need a transfusion. So at some point today she will get some of my blood that I donated about 3 weeks ago. Thank you Lord that it wasn't something more serious.

On another good note, we talked to the Neurosurgeon today. He did not have to tap her, and he was very pleased with how she looks. He said she looks much better. We will wait until next week to do a CAT scan. We're still praying and hoping for the best about the shunt, so please pray with us.

I am almost convinced that Jennifer needs to do all the holding, had another episode this afternoon when I held her. He SpO2 number started dropping as I was talking to the doctor and as Jennifer wasn't there but pumping. So the doc begins to adjust her O2. It wasn't helping. The machine cuts off which is a sign that there could be an obstruction in the line. The doc calls the respiratory therapist in to check that. She starts suctioning Sara, put a breathing bag over her mouth, asks me to help hold in the place. By now about 3 other people have gathered around us, and her numbers still aren't coming up. I'm sitting there holding her surrounded by these professionals. The machine is beeping, they are discussing her, I'm siting there trying to be calm like no big deal. She checks the line, apparently there was an obstruction. Gets her going again, and while her numbers lingered low for a few minutes, she got them back in the mid 90's. So all these people walk away and in walks Jennifer and she asks, "how's it going?" Ohh just fine, it's been great, here take your daughter!

Thanks again for praying, caring, loving, and walking with us! When you pray for Sara today, also say a pray for a good friend of ours whose baby girl was born last night at 36 weeks. They went ahead and put her in NICU to observe breathing. Scary stuff for mom and dad. I don't know the baby's name, just pray for Sara's little friend in NICU. Thanks

Some more great pics from some of Sara's wonderful nurses!

Look Ma, no junk on my face!


  1. Don't be discouraged Dad about not being able to kangaroo easily. There's just something about a mommy that brings peace and comfort to little ones. Daddies are for fun and running around. Maybe Sara isn't quite old enough for Daddy excitement!!! :)
    She is so precious. I am so happy that she is growing stronger every day. Thank goodness she's not getting sick. Hopefully the blood will make her even stronger!
    You are always in my prayers. I feel very fortunate to be on this journey with you. To watch this little miracle fighting so hard. You are all such a great example of courage and love.
    Praying faithfully,

  2. Glad everything was smoothed out pretty quickly. Praying for your Sara! :)

  3. Times like theses are very tough for a poarent especially when everyone is talking like your not there!!! But we did figure out one thing in these situations if the nurses aren't running for equipment and the doctor just seems non chalant then its something they deal with often and we shouldn't panic! Besides we know God is in control!!
    John didn't like kangerooing either since Sara didn't seem to like his chest hair too much and she dropped her sats every time he tried lol. Don't worry tho you'll get plenty of daddy/daughter time when she gets out of there!
    Still praying for ya'll!
    Kasey, John, and Sara Mikal

  4. Lord, b/c you have instructed us in Your Word that we are to pray for one another so that we may be healed, I pray for healing and wholeness for Sara Rose. I pray that sickness and infirmity will have no place or power in her life. Your word says "He sent His word and healed them, and delivered them from their destructions" (Psalms 107:20)
    -From The Power of a Praying Parent
    Peace and Grace,