Saturday, July 18, 2009

Waking up on a Saturday morning

moannn, hmm, is it already time to get up?


yyaawwnnn, oh man i'm so tired, another night in this place?

Oh! Its you! I didn't see you there

And you too? you people in your scrubs are always hovering over me

I just want to know, can't a girl get some privacy?! here i am in my undies and you come along and uncover me letting all that cold air in.

You know, just because I can't do anything doesn't mean i have to be treated like this, you hear me over there?

Now, I'm gonna say this one more time, treat a girl with some respect and get me some covers! Got it!?

Now, was that so hard? Aahhh that is so nice and warm. This is what Saturday mornings are supposed to be about.

Breakfast time. Milk through my nose while I suck on a piece of rubber, can't beat it!

Sara has continued to improve. In fact the last three bottle feedings have gone really really well. She almost took the whole bottle last night at midnight. They have been telling us that all of a sudden a switch will flip and BOOM, she's got it. It appears that may have happened. She is even waking up and looking hungry for most of her feedings. This is all great improvement. She also continues to breast feed really well. Jennifer is very optimistic that when she gets home she can go all breastfeeding with no problems.

She has been off of all O2 assistance since Wednesday morning and is doing great. In fact, as you can tell in the pics, they moved her feeding tube to her nose so she could get a better suck. The pediatric doctor told us yesterday that after the shunt surgery once she gets feeding well she's going home. That's is almost too exciting even to think about. But it's coming.
(Thanks Aimee for the pics)


  1. Great news! I love the pictures! Sara is so beautiful!


  2. She gets cuter every day. It thrills my heart to read how well she's doing. Home is just around the corner.

  3. Sara gets more brautifull everyday.Keep up the awesome work,sweet baby SaraWe love you and pray for you.Hugs & kisses

  4. I just love to see these updates on Miss Sara Rose. I am so glad to hear she is improving. I also wanted to tell you I gave you a " Beautiful Blog Award" on my blog.

  5. These are sooo gorgeous. I love the hat!