Monday, July 6, 2009

Surprise surprise!

We walk in today, Sara's 33rd week (gestational age), and surprise surprise the girl moved uptown to a new bed. An open crib! No more aquarium! Here she wrapped up like a tortilla, open to the world and doing great.

New Casa!

Baby burrito!

We knew it was being discussed but still thought we were a week away. It baffles me why this is so cool to us. Maybe because it is a step closer to going home. Maybe because we can bend over and kiss her on the head (don't tell the neurosurgeon, ha!). Maybe because she now wears clothes and looks like a little newborn and not a science experiment. Whatever it is, we love it!

Finally I get to wear clothes! It has been so embarrassing being so exposed.

So we got to take her temp, check out her threads, and change her diaper. Then the nurse let us wrap her up tight in warm blankets and feed her lunch. Very, very cool. Jennifer loved it, even though it was a bottle, she found it very encouraging. And Sara did great, ate 12cc's of the 39 she was being fed. Her temp is great, so the only other support she is receiving is the oxygen. She will get it. She consistently stays on 21% and 2.0 lpm, except when she is being held or eating. So, in time it will come.

Wait, wait, I'm not ready

Oh yeah baby, that's the good stuff!

We did get to talk to the Neurosurgeon and while he was more positive than ever, he also gave us something to pray about. He said her reflexes were very very good, much better. He said she is doing far, far better than he originally told us. He shines a light into her eyes and she squints, moves all around with her arms and body and then takes his flashlight and chunks it at his head. Ok, maybe not that last part.

Now, what to pray about. He said her head size is increasing even with the reservoir. This may necessitate him putting the shunt in earlier. This causes a greater risk of infection. It also closes the door to whatever slim hopes we had about her not having to have a shunt. But, if she gets it sooner than later she may go home sooner. So, again pray God would take care of this is whatever way he sees fit that would be for her and our good and for His glory. That's all we want.

Enjoy the pics, we had a great day, hmm I thinking it may be a milkshake night!

Don't I make them look good!


  1. praise god--she's getting stronger everyday! always in my prayers!

  2. Exciting news! I love the new photos of Sara in her big-girl crib. :)

    Praying for no shunt!

  3. What a great progress update! I love these! I will continue to pray - and more dedicated prayer regarding the shunt! Go have a milkshake!

  4. Moving to an open crib is a VERY big step!!! I am so excited for you guys. Continuing to pray and keep all of you in my thoughts.

  5. I love the picture of y'all with Sara! What great news to receive today! It definitely sounds like a milkshake day with the birth of Elisabeth! I'm continuing to pray on the shunt issue. God is in control!


  6. Go Sara Go!!!!
    Always praying,

  7. I have been following your blog for awhile now.. and I check in to see how Sara Rose is doing each night when I get home from work.. I have and will keep your little Sara in my prays. What a big step to be in a open crib.

  8. I've been following you, and I am so thankful that Sara Rose is in a "big girl" bed now! You are IS a big deal when this happens!! So happy for you all...

    Still praying for you...

    Chad and Leslie Moore, Gus, Kate and Claire Moore