Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Let the Chaos Begin

Ok, we went to Q3 feedings Monday evening. That means every third feeding will be by bottle, plus Jennifer still gets to breastfeed once a day. Do the math - Sara gets 8 feedings a day (every three hours), every third is a bottle. So instead of a daily schedule which we have done for the last several weeks consisting of afternoon and evening visits, now it is a 3 day rotating schedule involving trips to hospital to bottle feed, breast feed, pump, help take care of 2 others girls, sleep, eat, pray, and oh yeah, breathe. The good thing about it all is - one step closer to coming home.

We were able to secure a courtesy room at the hospital, so we will be sleeping up there 2 out of every 3 nights. I figure we'll get really comfortable in the new routine and then it will all change again. That's usually the plan.

Sara continues to do well. The biggest issue with her coming home seems like it is going to be eating. It is still early to be sucking-swallowing-breathing, and everyone is happy where she is now. But, she is going to have to improve to come home. Right now she can really eat well for a brief time (10-15 minutes) and then she is tired. Thankfully it does not seem to be an issue of IF she can do it, but how long she can last. Over the next week or two pray her stamina and strength increase.

Latest word on the shunt - the surgery has been scheduled for the 23rd. We really have a peace about this. In fact, we are kind of excited that is she has to get one, let's get it done and get home ASAP.

Thanks for praying for Sara's cousin, Elisabeth, they got a good report on the bilirubin level and won't have to check back in for a week.


  1. Oh my goodness, look at that cute BABY! I'm so glad she is doing well.

  2. Yea Sara! I know you can do it!

  3. She is so beautiful! And I am so thankful that God has given you a peace about the shunt. I kept searching for a miracle, for God to intervene, up until the moment that I handed over our baby girl to the surgery nurse. But God did fill me with a sense of peace while she was in surgery and He also surrounded me with loved ones.
    Grace & Peace,

  4. I was hoping and praying she wouldn't need one, but also thankful that they are available. I myself have one, and aside from the contact sports (which I didn't do anyway) and having to have my son via C-section, nothing else is different. Have peace in this, it's a great thing that God has given man the mind to create this for Sara.
    Still praying,
    Brandon, MS