Sunday, July 5, 2009

Sunday Night

Sara had another good day. I know this starts to sound repetitious, but this is a good repetitious. Like, I love you dad or mom. Or, the mercy of the Lord endures forever. Or, the coffee's ready. Or, LSU Tigers the NCAA baseball champs. So Sara having another good day we'll keep repeating as often as we can.

Jennifer got to watch her eat from a bottle today. She took 9 cc's today, which is good. Her time with Sara nursing tonight was also a good experience. We'll be able to eventually give her the bottle ourselves. While she was there she had a good conversation with the doctor and she is thinking another 3-5 weeks assuming we keep progressing at the same rate. So we can see the light, sometimes easier than other times, but we know it is coming. Tomorrow I will be there for the bottle feeding and I'll have some pics for you all. Thanks for loving us enough to pray for us.

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