Thursday, July 9, 2009

Thursday Night

In this pic Sara was sucking on her thumb. She was about eat and was showing signs of hunger, which is good. She found her hand and then her thumb. We will take that! You don't have to find a thumb in the middle of the night to put back in their mouth.

When she did eat from a bottle at this time, it was 32cc's! Another new personal record. She also did great with Jenny tonight. She weighs 2205 grams, 4lbs 13oz. No tap today and her head did not grow at an unacceptable rate. Keep on praying about that. Have a great Friday

Crazy sleeper, must have gotten this from her sisters

They tell me this is my hand

Hello! I'm awake!


  1. what an amazing little girl.You go girl.Lots of love,hugs and prayers from Fla.

  2. Oh my she is almost 5 pounds! She has done so well. You guys will be home before you know it.

  3. She's looking so great! Her little cheeks are getting chubby! :). Praying fir all of you!