Saturday, July 4, 2009

4th of July

Hope everyone had a great 4th. We did. Even got to eat some yummy BBQ at my dads. Sara got to eat also, from a bottle. But it wasn't BBQ. Since she has done well with Jennifer on the non-nutritional feedings, they decided to give her a bottle and see how she would do. She ate 12cc's from the bottle (about 1/3 of her meal). That is great. One nurse said for a baby to get 5 the first time was good. And she isn't 33 weeks yet, so to have some suck-swallow-breathe coordination already is encouraging to mom and I. Do we wish she could eat right away straight from mom? Yes, but she may have to grow into that - it takes more work. She will get there, until then we are happy with her at least getting mom's milk.

Tomorrow Jennifer will be at the hospital to watch the nurse feed her and hopefully Monday we can do that ourselves with Jennifer putting her to breast at the night feeding. As she progresses they will add more and more feedings to the schedule to be done by bottle/breast. This is one of the more important accomplishments in determining when she can go home. So pray she would take to it like white on rice!

Sara is up to 4lbs and almost 5oz. I think you'll be able to tell from the pics the chubbiness that is starting to show. We actually talked to the Neurosurgeon today and he said she is doing much better. He wants her to gain more weight before we look to putting in the shunt. He is very pleased with her progress. But even he could not give any prognosis on her future development because of the bleeds and infarction. I was happy today - I got to hold Sara with no DINGs. That was a joy.

We got to take our older girls to the fireworks tonight. At the same time Jennifer had to be close to the hospital to go in pump and then work with Sara on nursing. So we watched the fireworks from the 6th floor of the parking garage. It was actually a popular choice, probably 50+ other vehicles did the same. The only problem - the show was about 3-5 miles away and you could see, but not really hear. A little like watching the Superbowl on mute. Oh well, it was a fun thing to do as a family. Take care and have a worshipful and restful Sunday!

I always get myself in these cute positions when I sleep and dad insists on taking my pic

See, here is another one. Check my chin out, it's getting fatty!

Oh me oh my, another tough day in the NICU! (I kid you not, we do not pose her, this is all Sara)


  1. I have been following your story since the beginning. I'm a friend of Jamie's and he referred me here. I can't believe how fat she is getting. It's such a noticeable change in the last week.
    I am praying for you daily and I'm amazed at how great she's doing!!

  2. She looks fantastic! Congrats on the big steps! My boys were born at 32 weeks and we had a really tough time getting them to eat...filled with lots of episodes, but eventually they did figure it out. Don't get discouraged (apparently girls do better then boys...) and keep pressing on and looking to Him for strength!