Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Notice what is missing?

Can you tell? Yes, the nasal cannula. Sara's O2 flow was turn off this morning. She had been on 21% for several days which is room air percentage, but still had the flow. They turned it off and we didn't even realize it for a while. Then the nurse took off the cannula totally. She did well all day, but tired out this evening and they gave her some flow to give her a break. But breathing on her own? How cool. We have been told by several nurses that babies with the head issues Sara has sometimes never get off the vent, or come off and go back on. This is a great step that she is starting to do this - so be happy and praise the One who breathes life into us!

Sara is up to 2180 grams (4lbs 12oz), another good gain. She ate 20 cc's from her bottle in the afternoon which was a personal record. And she nursed for a solid 20 minutes tonight, which was also grand.

One of Sara's aunts came to the rescue today with a blood donation, thanks Jill! Probably next week she will get another transfusion to help her out. Her crit level has come down some, but they are very encourage that her bone marrow is producing new blood - that is good. She will definitely get the blood if she is going to get the shunt next week to give her strength to recover from the surgery. Now, if only I could screen some aspects of Aunt Jill out of that blood before she gets it. Hmmmm ha!

It's a newborn gown (5-8lbs), I'm almost 5, they must run big

There is a good chance right now she will get the shunt next week. We have come to terms with this, even though we have fervently been praying for her not to have to need it. You know, if you are a child of God and you pray to your Father for His will to be done and you ask for specific things to be done, etc.. and He says no. You know what that really means right? He is really saying - I have something better for you. Even if at the time it doesn't seem like it is better - it will work out better for our good and His glory. So, if He thinks a shunt is better, then we trust Him.

If you don't know much about shunts, I'll be sharing what we learn over the next few weeks. They sound worse than they are, and in Sara's case it may really help her thrive. Continue to pray with us that whatever needs to happen for His hand to be seen most clearly will happen. We have met some who need to see Him and know Him, pray for them. Have a great Thursday!


  1. Great pictures! Praising God!
    Kayla Miller

  2. Very funny brother of mine. If she acts like me that will be a good thing. I really didn't mind a bit. Glad I was able to help in some way. Love y'all.

  3. So exciting! Love the pics.

  4. Fantastic news! Way to go, Sara! Love your news digs too. You're on your way...

  5. god is amazing...the prayers will keep coming your way....hopefully He will intercede and no shunt needed!