Sunday, July 12, 2009

7 weeks down, ??? to go

How we wish we knew. Maybe 2? 3? 4? more? Too many variables in the air still. But, Sara is rockin' along and getting better. Her weight is now 2345 grams (5lbs 2.7 oz). She continues to do well on room air with a little flow. She ate well from a bottle today, both times we got to feed her. And she did well nursing with Jennifer.

The little hands by her face, can you beat that?

One determined Mamma!

Cozy and cuddled, ready for the groceries!

We found out Saturday that now we can feed her two bottles a day and at another feeding she can try to nurse. Nursing is still more difficult for Sara at her age, but she will get it. Bottle feeding is much easier. As the lactation nurse told us, she could eat from a bottle across the room. Anyway, with the extra feeding time we now make 3 trips to the hospital a day. Jenny by herself at 6am to nurse. And then both of us at noon and 9pm. When they add another bottle feeding we may take advantage of a courtesy room to save on the trips back and forth. We'll see. It definitely makes our life more hectic (gosh and it has been so boring), but at the same time it is exciting because she is doing more and we are getting closer and closer the one of the greatest days in our life - take her home!

The big variable still on the table is the shunt and I discussed that below. Our church family, Paron Baptist, had a special prayer for Sara tonight and it is so cool to have that support and love believing with you that with God all things are possible. Thanks you all!

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