Friday, July 24, 2009

The Girl keeps getting better

We seem to have one laid back kid. She hasn't had pain medication most of today, no food for the last 36+ hours and she is just kicked back all day on the radiant warmer hardly fussing at all. Both doctors, pediatrician and neurosurgeon, said she is doing fantastic. She finally got to eat 10cc's of breast milk today around 4:30. They want to give her 20 later tonight followed by another 20 3 hours later. They want to go slowly to make sure the bowels are working before they up it to 30 cc's. The doc thinks in a couple days she will be back where she was before the surgery but they want to go slow. If the bowels get clogged she will go off all foods for a few days and it would be a set back.

She looked great this afternoon. After the surgery she was totally sedated, not moving, on the vent and swollen. It really looked liked she first looked. Not good. But, today she is moving, her color is good, less swollen, sucking a pacifier, and ate her milk in about 45 seconds and then was content with the paci. They even let Jennifer feed her the bottle while I held her up. She is already off all oxygen support and soon, maybe late tomm she will be back in her crib. The doctor even said all that is left is to go home and that will depend on how she eats. So that is how you can pray. We will head back later to feed her the bottles and may have to spend the night depending on how much she gets to eat.

Laid back after eating my whopping 10 cc's of breast milk (2tsp)

You can see the shunt tubing running down the right side of my head just behind my ear and going up. The crazy doctor shaved my head, but when my hair grows back you won't even see that.

This may not look great but it is 100% better than after the surgery, those pics will stay in the family.

Hanging out in my favorite spot the night before the surgery

Like my strawberry outfit?

These are the three latest taps on Sara. From left to right in order, the one on the right being the latest. I hope you can tell how much clearer it is getting. If you remember, when this started it was like dark cherry kool-aid.


  1. Praising God for a good day.

  2. I am in tears with rememberance of our baby girl after her brain surgery. She had a head full of black hair that they shaved and put into a ziploc bag for me. Little Sara looks great and I am praying for all of you. Thanks for sharing with us these intimiate moments that God is working in your family's life.
    Peace & Grace,