Saturday, July 11, 2009

The Big 5-0

You could see it coming each day and last night we hit it - 5.0 lbs! Actually 5lbs and half an oz. (2283 grams). This is one of the benchmarks they like for her to be at to go home, but by far not the most crucial. In fact we were told early on 35 weeks gestation and 5lbs, but that's not exactly true. She has to be 35 weeks gestation, but she does not have to weigh 5lbs. She can be less and just be eating good and gaining weight. But, the fact she is already there is good and so we praise God. Sara's sisters have been praying for her to get more brown fat for a few weeks.

We were also told early in this process that this ordeal would be full of ups and downs. And while we think we have been on that rollercoaster already, we had some more of that the past few days. Mostly normal preemie issues. They eat well for a few days and then take a few days off. She does really well with little to no oxygen for a few days and then back on it. Her temp is good for a few days and then you walk in to a heated lamp and an isolete (plastic box aquarium) heating up next to your crib. She got cold the other night, they put the lamp on her and she warmed back up and hasn't had to go back in the isolete, but we shouldn't be surprised if we walk in one day and she is in it. In fact last night we got to give her a bath and had to put the heat lamp on her while we did it. First time in my life I felt like a french fry.

Sara is eating up to 42cc's at every meal and the whole weight thing is going great. Continue to pray the other issues will resolve themselves and we can be patient as we wait. They are her oxygen, feedings, and shunt. Pray for Jennifer, she really wants this to be over. She has jokingly (I think) started to refer to NICU as The Baby Prison. Ha! We know it takes time, we'll get there. By the hand of our gracious God and the support of so many of you!

Nice and cozy after my bath

This face could be the result of:
a. my dad just told a funny joke
b. impending bm
c. wondering why they unwrapped me
d. all of the above

You know there has to be a pic of each new outfit I put on


  1. :) so i've been following your blog now for sometime yet i have not introduced name is Dawn Rodriguez and I have no idea how I got on your blogspot, but i was sharing the blog with my boyfriend last night and began to cry. i think it is so amazing how you can see god at work in the lives of others! thank you for sharing your miracle with the world! i feel as if daily i witness god's work and another miracle happen!

  2. Lil Sara looks amazing! I cannot wait for you guys to be able to take her home! What an amazing, monumental day that will be. It has been wonderful to watch God work through this precious baby girl!

  3. Woow I haven't been on blogger for a week or so and so much has happened . so great to see Sara is 5lb. Annalise was 5lb when she came hoem so I ca relate to the size. So brilliant about the feeding. I know the up s and downs that can happen with temp.etc. I refused to bath annalise every 2nd day that was the norm as her temp dropped so much I also ensured she was wearing wool. and a hat . This last stage when your baby is a t level 1 canbe quite hard because you are so close to going home but it cna take a lot longer than you expect to get the feeding and regulation of body temp etc write. May you continue to have faith in God and his plans. Thankyou Jesus for all you've done and will continue to do.

  4. Praying for patience!!! I felt like the nicu was a prison too!!! It seems to get worse as your baby gets better, but God has worked miracles so far- he can give you patiences to wait!!
    Dena and Chad
    Houston, tx