Tuesday, July 21, 2009

This girl likes to eat!

Hey, you got any more of this stuff out back?

Sara is flying through these bottles. She has now taken 4-5 in a row, the entire thing. It is so cool. They told us a switch would flip and she would have it - and boy were they right! I was planning on letting you all know that she has moved to getting a bottle on every other feeding. But she is doing so well, I wake up this morning and she is now getting a bottle every 2 out of 3 feedings. I think we are moving into the hospital today.

We have our meeting with neurosurgeon today to discuss the shunt surgery. I will let you all know specifics so you can know how to pray. Thanks always for praying for Sara and our family. And while you do that, don't forget to praise Him for all He is doing!


  1. So cute!!! I think I see a little double chin in that last picture!! I can't believe how far she has come!
    Always praying,
    Jamie Corona

  2. What a little love she is!

  3. She is beautiful! Wesley still prays every night for Sara Rose to grow big and strong.