Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Wednesday Morning

Sara had a pretty good night according to the nurses. Not as much crying in pain, more restful sleep. I just saw the neurosurgeon and he said she is definitely better. Her spinal fluid is clearer. She is fighting against two types of bacteria. They have added a third antibiotic and watching for any signs of the side effects of all of that. So far the CAT scans have not shown any new bleeding or other complications in the brain. She was even able to hold down 2-3 oz's of pedialyte in the last few hours. If she continues to do that they will try and feed her some watered down formula. In seeing her, she is a bit fussy, but most of it looks like she is hungry and not the pain she felt yesterday.

They will do a new culture on Monday to check for infection. He wants 3 negative cultures before we look at putting in a new shunt. She is still critical, but he said she won't turn for the worse suddenly, but it could happen. He said this takes a lot of time and she has their utmost attention. So keep on praying!

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  1. Great news...I hope she is past the hardest part and it will just get better and better from here.