Friday, September 18, 2009

Friday Morning Suprise

Got to the hospital to feed Sara Friday morning and the nurse took the time to doll Sara up a bit. I almost forgot she could actually wear clothes and look like a little girl. Enjoy!

I wish dad would just turn his camera instead of turning my bed on it's side like this, I think I am about to fall

Uumm, bow on head with no hair.... how is that done?? Nurses secret

This blue dress will make my sisters so happy, they love blue and they love dresses - hey Abigail and Emma Grace!


  1. So precious! Loving the good updates!

  2. She is so beautiful!!! I can see how much she has grown up too! Loving the fact that she still gets to get dressed up even in the hospital! Dresses always make a girl feel better! If she likes those soothy pacifiers then you have to go to cvs and get the ones in pink! We were ecstatic to find them but then again we are kinda going overboard with the pink stuff since we had two boys first! The house has pretty much exploded with pink! Praying for a peaceful next two weeks!

    houston, tx

  3. I know that you dont know me, but I read your blog every day. The post of Sara in her dress brought me to tears today! She is one of the most beautiful babies I have ever seen. Thanks so much for sharing her with everyone.


  4. So cute!!! She looks great!!!!!

    Always praying,

  5. Adorable!
    (Surgical lubricant, is that the secret? That is what our nurses used on my girls in the Nicu :))

  6. Thanks for the updates. She's looking a little like Emma Grace today. I know these sisters are going to be the best of friends!