Monday, September 21, 2009

God said no

After much praying, fasting, hoping, dreaming, wishing, waiting, more praying God has said no to my prayer request. It's ok, I understand He can't say yes to everything. But this was a small request, surely it wouldn't be too much to say yes to this right? But the answer was no and so yesterday Jennifer got Sara's first smile. Or at least - the first smile to a parent. Sara has also been smiling at her fish aquarium music and light thing in her crib and at the nurses and docs. She also has been cooing. (I wasn't the only one to get a no on this issue- Maw Maw too)

So I get to the hospital this morning for my time feeding her and holding her and what do I get? Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz She was out! Even after eating (up to almost 3 oz's now) and filling up a diaper, we changed her diaper, maybe she will be awake, maybe she will smile and coo at me, but instead - Zzzzzzzzzzz. Oh well, I can wait. When Jennifer gets there in a little bit she will get all the wake time fun time.

All her cultures have been negative. Now we wait to take shunt out on Thursday or Friday and go from there. There has been some speculation that with the shunt out - what if she wouldn't need one? Well, if you are interested in praying for a miracle - maybe God will say yes to that one.

Thanks to Heather for all the dressing up and pictures this past weekend. In fact we had a guest preacher for Homecoming Service yesterday and Heather texted me during the sermon. Glad I wasn't preaching.

I personally am not down with the headband thing, but if someone goes to the trouble of dressing her up so great I can live with it.


  1. Speaking as a mommy, I think it's ok that God said no to you on this one :) I know that Jennifer was so excited to see that smile!!
    I'm so amazed at where you are in this journey. Sara looks so beautiful and healthy. We are still praying that God will say yes to the "can we go without the shunt forever?" prayer.
    With love
    Jamie Corona

  2. And I'm Jamie's mom (comment above!) and I'm praying for a yes on the "can we go without the shunt forever?" prayer too!! Sara is precious!

  3. Yes, of course please know my whole comment was tongue in cheek. I am thrilled Jennifer got to experience that.