Thursday, September 3, 2009

1000 X Better

Just saw the pediatrician, she said Sara is 1000x better. The other day when we brought Sara in she was worried about life or death. She said she is not out of the woods yet, but much better. She will get some blood today. She has continued to eat well and now it is just wait and heal.

The two bacteria she is fighting could have possibly come from the skin and bowels. What is unusual is that they passed into the blood stream and attached themselves to the foreign body in Sara - the shunt. Thus infecting the spinal fluid which brought on the meningitis. This did not happen during the shunt surgery. Sometime after we left PICU and now. Who knows?? You are so careful, yet your taking her into dozens of doctors offices. Even though we wash hands constantly and require family to wash hands, it could have even come from us. Just one of those risks you take from procedures like this. Can't worry about the why, just get her better and continue to be careful.

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  1. 1000x Better? Wonderful news!!!! Still praying!
    Love to sweet Sara,