Friday, September 11, 2009

Infection still clearing

The preliminary results from the 2nd culture are negative, so the infection is clearing or cleared. Just to be safe he will take 2 more samples next week to make sure it is still gone. The doctors and nurses have let us start holding her (very carefully, we can't move her around) and feed her. That is nice, and Jennifer and I are noticing changes in Sara. She is locking into our eyes more than she did at home. I am desperately trying to get her to smile at me before she smiles at Jennifer, that's something you can pray about. Ha! She is eating more now, and her weight is over 8lbs after she lost a little bit. Thanks for praying, keep it up! (especially that special request)


  1. Lol becareful what you pray for God has a sense of humor too!! We had the same bet and neither one of us won!! Sara decided to smile at my mom first!!!! You are in our prayers!!!!

  2. Hey, ya'll! I'm agreeing with Kasey & John. Mawmaw & Pawpaw want that first smile!! And probably even Granny & Grandpa too!! Love you and you know we are praying for all of you! I signed as Anonymous, but you know who this is... : - )