Monday, August 3, 2009

We Haven't Forgot about You all

Did ya miss me? I just ate and am now milk drunk

Ok, ok, ok. Sara's fans have spoken and I can no longer take a weekend off from letting you know how she is doing. Or at least for the time being.

She has done great since being home. This is by light years the most laid back of our three kids. Now, even though she is over 2 months, developmentally she is still a newborn. That was an interesting thing we learned from a nurse that for preemies it takes about two years to catch up. So when she is 12 months old she should be doing what a 10 month old is doing. These are not hard and fast rules, just general guidelines to watch for. And with a the head trauma she has suffered there may be more delays. Or by the grace of God, His kind hand and therapy- small to no delays.

The first night - not too much fun. Oh, Sara did great. It' s just her nutty parents who woke up every 18.7 seconds to make sure she is alive. You would think with our third child we wouldn't do that. But, we also hadn't had a preemie. Finally I told myself, ok God if she just lays there and dies then she is going to die. I can't watch every breath all night! It has definitely improved since then. We are getting used to her little squeaks and sounds all night. We know she is stable. Or maybe it's just gotten better because her bassinet is on Jennifer's side of the bed now. Whatever the case, I'm sleeping better.

The bassinet - why we didn't have one of these with our other two I'll never know. I think at the time we were ascribing to the idea that sleeping children should be isolated in total darkness inside a soundproof nursery that your spent umpteen hours painting and oodles of dollars decorating. Hindsight always gets me.

You can see the clear outline of the shunt system. One top is the incision which is now stitches free.

You know how lions sleep like 18-20 hours a day. I think we have a lion-human hybrid. Sara just sleeps. She has two good wake times a day and then sleeps. We have her in her bassinet in the middle of the hub-bub of two older sisters who do not hold back volume wise. And she sleeps. It's really amazing. If our first child would have been like that we would have had a dozen by now.

Emma Grace is also happy little sis is home. This is improvement. When we told the girls we were pregnant Abigail did the Mexican Hat Dance screaming around the living room. EG just laid on the couch in my lap and said nothing. Jennifer said - Emma Grace are you happy we are going to have a baby? She wagged her finger back and forth saying -No, no, no, no, no. Classic middle child

Her first doc appt was today with the neurosurgeon. He was very very pleased. He took out the stitches in her head. The spot where the reservoir was is still raised, but he said it is going down. We won't see him for 2 weeks. Next up - pediatrician. Pray for her weight to be good so Jennifer can keep nursing. Thanks to a best friend from high school (thanks Goldie) we have a borrowed scale and have been weighing her. So far so good.

The biggest adjustment she had to make was her temp. Needless to say we keep our house a bit cooler than NICU. So her first temp check was...shall we say - too low. So we have been keeping her bundled in a onesie, snap up thingy, socks, hat and blankets and she is getting better. We can take her hat off during the day. In fact the neurosurgeon was starting to take her clothes off today to check her stomach incision and saw all the layers and said - Good gosh woman, it's summertime! (you would have to know him).

Sara is now nursing at each feeding and we are following with a bottle if she tires out before she gets enough to eat. It is amazing being home with her. Not going to the hospital. It feels like we have 36 hours in a day right now. I know that isn't going to last long, but we are going to enjoy it right now.

We got a surprise today from some members of a church I used to pastor. They overwhelmed us with their love. Thanks you all- you will always be dear to us. And to the rest of you - thanks for the prayers, thanks for caring, thanks for loving Sara. I don't often comment on all of your comments - but they continually encourage us with smiles and tears. You all are the best!

Give me a hug ya big lug!


  1. She is such a cutie. I am so glad that you guys are home and settled.


  2. So wonderful to hear how great things are going! She is precious!

  3. I was starting to have Sara Rose withdrawals!! So glad to see everything is going so well. She is such a little character isn't she?!
    Tell Emma Grace, from one middle-child to another, it's really not all that bad :)
    Thanks for taking the time to share your sweet girls!!!
    With love,
    Jamie Corona
    North Carolina

  4. I have been watching Sara Rose grow ever since she was born, so I guess I should introduce myself ;) I'm Katie. I'm having our first child (girl) in about 20 days. It has been such an amazing journey that you guys have been on and I want you to know I have prayed for Sara Rose the whole time. Its so sweet to see her at home and looking like a normal baby! Good luck to you guys : )

  5. Thanks for posting again; I was about to call!! I can completely relate to checking every few minutes to see if they are breathing.

    Still praying!

  6. I'm so glad you posted! I've been wondering how she's doing! I love the pictures! Such sweet, chubby cheeks! Emma Grace looks happy to be holding her! I still check to make sure Bella's breathing during her sleep occasionally!


  7. She is Beautiful just like her sisters Im glad yall are home and Sara Rose is doing well.

    Denise M