Wednesday, August 26, 2009

New Prayer Request

Sara went to see the heart doc yesterday about the murmur they heard in NICU. All is well with that, she has a murmur to watch, but it is very common and they will keep an eye on it for now. We go back in 3 months. For 98% of kids it works itself out on its own. One cool thing we found out at the heart doc is she weighs over 8lbs now!

The prayer concern came this morning at the neurosurgeons. On the top of her head, under the skin there is an angle connector (like an L-joint in PVC pipe) that connects the shunt going down into her brain to the pump and reservoir going down the side of her head. Well the skin on Sara is thin, and the skin on top of that angle connector is white. His concern is that an ulcer will develop and an infection will ensue. (Think of a blister on your skin you get from a shoe rubbing your heel or toe, or you might get one on your hand from raking, shoveling, or playing to much golf).

So for the next week we have to massage that spot, move the skin around and hope it clears. We go see him in a week to see how it looks. If it turns bluish and gets thin like Saran Wrap we have to call him. Worst case scenario - back to hospital for a procedure to cut and lap another layer of skin over it to thicken it up. Yeah, fun.

If you would, pray it will resolve itself and the massaging, time, and the Hand of God would heal it. Thank you all!