Sunday, August 16, 2009

New Do

No hair anymore

Why do babies look crazy sometimes?

Sara got a haircut from dad Sunday. The neurosurgeon only shaved half her head before the shunt surgery and I have been meaning to fix that - so today I did. Now she's got the Mr. Clean look. I have this handy little micro ear, nose, whisker, small hair that grows in odd places razor that worked like a charm. It came right off, she didn't move or jerk, and no blood. I also did it when mom wasn't around to lighten pressure of cutting her head open.

Sara had a good visit with the ear specialist Friday. She had her second hearing screening. We learned from her that the antibiotics Sara was treated with at birth can cause damage to the cochlea. I am sure everyone knows this, but the cochlea is the auditory part of the inner ear. Kind of important. If it was damaged it might not show up for 6 months to a year. So we will go back both times. If there is no damage by 1 year she should be good to go. So far - no damage. Something more to pray about, not to worry about, but trust the Lord about. Why sweat it, He's not.

Off to the pediatrician tomm to get last 2 month immunization. Later this week we have her therapist coming in to screen her and then to see the neurosurgeon. After that, the doctors visits will begin to taper off. Thankfully. Hope you had a great day worshipping King Jesus, have a great week!

Happy Birthday Mom!


  1. Lookin good!!! I'm sure she'll appreciate it when you tell her future suitors how you used to cut her hair with the same thing you stick up your nose :D

    Since hearing & deafness is kind of my thing...

    My advice is to still keep checking her hearing until age 2, because even though the damage to the hair cells in the cochlea will have already been done -- ABR testing is never exact. ABR is the type of hearing screening done on infants and young kids, and quite often there will be false positives & false negatives. ABR is done by reading the reactions of the brain after being stimulated by sounds. There have been countless cases of kids who weren't deaf getting lined up for a cochlear implant just because of false ABR readings.
    Because of the false outcomes of the ABR screening, some places are now requiring a second type of hearing screening to be done in conjunction with it. But at Sara's age, there isn't another option.

    So my advice is to still have her tested at age 18 months & 2 yrs. & just watch for any signs that she's having trouble hearing, or if speech development is abnormal or her speech is hard to understand. Even the slightest hearing loss can be a problem & needs to be addressed early.

    I know you have countless specialists telling you things, but I couldn't live with myself if I didn't bring that up. Hearing is important, and sadly it's often overlooked.

  2. maybe your baby "looks crazy" because you are flashing a bright light in her face every other minute! not that i want you to stop because i'm loving the pics. and if she becomes famous someday, she'll already know what it feels like to be chased by the paparazzi :)
    stacy c

  3. Thanks for the advice Meg, we will remember it.

    Thanks for the insight Stacy about my crazy kid. Now is that official medical insight or just a casual observation?