Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Sara's bowels are improved

Sara was very fussy and irritable yesterday - very unlike herself. And she quit eating - again, very unusual. So when we tried once again to feed her around 6:30 she puked and that is when we called the neurosurgeon. We thought for sure it was shunt related because we had just seen the pediatrician who noticed nothing unusual, she had no fever, no other signs of sickness. The neurosurgeon told us to meet him at the ER. We did, they did x-rays and thankfully it was not the shunt.

Sara has distended bowels. Basically they quit working, filled with pockets of air. Thank the Lord He gave us the wisdom to call and go, it could have gotten worse. It is not extremely serious, in fact the pediatrician said for a normal full term 2 month old they would have sent us home. But welcome to the wonderful world of preemies. With her history they admitted her in PICU (not the same unit we have been in) and began to draw that air out and decompress her bowels. They did another x-ray at 4 this morning and it looked better already. The doc checked her at 6:45 and he could hear bowel sounds. She had another CAT scan at 8:30 and if that looked good she would get to eat a little bit from a bottle to see how she would do.

Apparently, this is a semi-normal thing in the NICU. One of our nurses said she was surprised Sara hadn't had to deal with it already. Hopefully everything will get to working and we can bring her home once again this evening or tomorrow. Thanks you guys for lifting her up - God is good, has been good, and will always be good - no matter what!


  1. SO thankful things are looking better! God is good all the time just as you said!
    We'll keep praying!

  2. I am familiar with frantic calls to neurosurgeons and midnight trips to the ER-stay strong!
    Ps. 73:25-26
    "Whom have I in hheaven but you? And earth has nothing I desire but you. My heart and my flesh may fail, but God is the strength of my heart and my portion forever."

    Peace & Grace,

  3. So sorry to hear you are back in the hospital. Thanking God that it is not serious, hoping it all resolves soon. Keep hanging in there and resting in Him!