Saturday, August 22, 2009

Today was the Day

August 22 was Sara's due date. And Tuesday she turns 3 months. It's been the fastest longest three months of our lives. Our other girls were born in Jan and Dec. At the beginning of the summer Jennifer was saying, boy I sure don't look forward to being big and pregnant all summer. Well, she wasn't serious.

In fact one of the difficult thoughts we have both had go through our minds is - I wish this wouldn't have happened like this. Especially when it has been hard and scary. You think - if only we could go back and not have this happen like this. Why couldn't this have been a normal pregnancy? And the only answer we have come to is - we don't know. But we trust our Father in Heaven and we know He is always wise, good, and trustworthy. And so we forget was it behind and press on to the goal for the prize of the upward call of God in Christ Jesus. Living by faith standing on those truths is a greater reality than wishing away the past.

We have really settled into a nice routine with Sara at home. Other than a few doctors visits and getting therapy set up, this past week was pretty uneventful. We have two more doctors visits this week and then probably none until the end of September, other than weekly therapy.

The issue of colic is still lingering. It is not as predictable as with Emma Grace, more like Abigail's fussy times. Some nights are better than others. To give you an idea of how it's going, Emma Grace asked Jennifer Thursday night - "How can God always be happy if he never sleeps?" Apparently she knows some unhappy sleep deprived humans, must be on TV.

But Jennifer and I have a good system worked out where she takes her the first half of the night and then I come around 3 and take her the rest of the night. That seems to be working. Except Jennifer claims I never hear my alarm go off to come and take over and she has to come and get me or something like that I don't know. I can't help it. You ever are so tired your alarm becomes part of your dream? So I'm not turning off my alarm, but a switch to open the garage door, put up heat shields on my spaceship, or a special seat zapper for that deacon whose falling asleep on the back row. Whatever the case, it's not my alarm. She just doesn't believe me.

Abigail and Emma Grace are doing well with Sara. They have been very patient and helpful. Well, as much as you can expect from a 7 and 4 yr old. Abigail has been great when I am gone to work and Jennifer needs to get things done. If she is fussy she will hold her, give her a pacifier, and help soothe her. It's been cool to watch.

I officiated a wedding in our church yesterday. All through the rehearsal and ceremony I kept thinking about that day is getting closer and closer for my three girls. When the bride came down in all her beauty and glory I looked at that dad, and well, I just couldn't go there. But I figure by the time they are 40 I'll be ready.

I took some pics of Sara last night. She was content with her pacifier on Jennifer's lap and then we took it out to take some pics. So far so good, what a cutie.

Hold on, somethings missing

Is it over here? Look, I'm limited here, I can't look around worth a flip, all I've got is this rooting reflex thing. Don't play games with me, where is my paci?

Ok, I'll try the crazy look!! I'm desperate!! Where is my happy place?

Fine, I will just cry. Is that what you want?


  1. So funny about the dreaming...the alarm thing happens to me too.

    Continued blessings to Sara Rose! So great to hear that she's doing well.

  2. She is just too cute! Love your captions!!
    Still praying for little Sara Rose.

  3. If you guys need my help as it comes to meeting milestones and having questions along those lines, don't hesitate to ask. Praying for you guys, Emily

  4. Huh-I remember thinking the same thing when are little boy was born...why us,why him,why now?? It was hard and I was angry...why did I have to leave the cotton pickin hospital every day w/o my baby-so not fair. I felt robbed of all the new born things you get to do. But as time went by and things got easier and less stressful(and it will-trust me) I realized we were blessed(yes it sucked) but we got 3 more months w/him then other moms and dads get w/there babies. As I've said before kangaroo care was the BEST thing ever,I loved it sooo much-other moms dont get that. He'll be 5 in 2 weeks and I still remember holding him skin to skin and how scary it was at 1st b/c he was so frail...and how he smelled-I'll always remember those things-other moms dont get that-so yes I feel as God planned this for us and I feel blessed! Good luck ,I hope thing continue to go well-I know they will:)

  5. Beautiful pictures of Sara! I'm still praying for y'all. I need to call Jennifer. I want to bring y'all a meal very soon.